How the reusable mask is made? 

Designed by a scientist, microbiologist trained and based on scientific research the mask has a high efficacy protection thanks to the design to avoid hand contact on the head and the fabrics used.

Made with two layers, the first one is in 100% Mulberry Silk, the finest quality of silk available in the world. Very soft, the silk allow the better comfort for the breathe and to wear for a long period. Also very filtering to protect from the COVID19.

The second layer is made with 100% premium cotton, softer, finer and last longer than any other cotton. 

Between the two layers, you can add a DIY filter or chirurgical mask for a better protection.

Read the 5 best DIY filter to use with a reusable mask here.

The Limited Edition reproduction print on it is signed by the artist we collaborated with. This fashionable masks are numbered and send with a certificate of authenticity. 

You will also find the ID number of the seamstress who sew your unique piece safely from their home and find her story here


How to take care of my reusable silk mask? 

We recommended to wash your mask face after every use to avoid any contamination. 

To keep the integrity of the premium fabrics used for this washable face mask, the better solution is to wash the reusable mask by hand with tempered water and a little bit of soap. See below the video:

You can also use the washing machine and dryer on delicate program. However, we alert you to the undesirable effects that this could cause on fabrics such as silk.