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Ricardo Cavolo

People caught fire and it's spreading

"My art is a language for the optimists, a narrative of a better tomorrow and a tool that empowers humanity to change the world."
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LNDMRK is an international creative agency dedicated to inspiring the everyday through ART. We are specialists in positioning clients within relevant creative collaborations. Our mix of creativity, passion, and vision has delivered some of the most innovative and popular programs in our category to date.

Best fabrics

Handmade by local seamstress safely from their home with 100% mulberry silk, the finest silk available in the world and Premium Cotton. Offer the best natural filtration and confort to wear.

Limited Edition

Design signed by Ricardo Cavolo, the mask is a unique reproduction of this artwork and produce in limited quantity. You will receive a certificate of authenticity and the number of the piece.

For the community

All the profits are equally share between the artist, the local artisan, LNDMRK and Nathon Kong to help the community grow together. 10% of the profits are given to raise awareness about mental health issues.

10% of the proceeds are given to help artists/patients struggling with mental health issues through therapeutic art programs.

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