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Bespoke Tailor with innovation 

Officially launched in 2014, the Nathon Kong label began operating out of a truck, which acted as a mobile boutique, solar-powered and fully integrated with a built-in 3D body scanner. This unique model was dubbed Tailor2Go and the Nathon Kong label benefited from this stand-out vehicle in generating buzz and curiosity around the brand. But it was the trust, personalization, and quality expertise Nathon Kong brought to the table that won the hearts of its loyal clientele.

Today, we invite the customers at our private showroom in the heart of Montréal. However, the truck remains a staple at events.

Start of the brand with the truck | Story Bespoke Tailor | Nathon Kong

Fashion Accessories with purpose 

In 2019, we launched a Limited collection of fashion accessories 100% made with Mulberry Silk and unique artwork of artists / patients from the organization Les Impatients. Every piece tells the story of a unique journey to recovery through the power of creative expression.

10% of all proceeds are given back to the community to support and raise awareness for mental health.

The founder Nathon Kong - Show Exposition at the Musuem | Story Bespoke Tailor | Nathon Kong

The Signature Nathon Kong

As unique as each Nathon Kong suit is, the one thing found constant with every suit is its signature Kong Stone discreetly embedded within the sleeve: a citrine gem blessed by monks in Buddhist ritual, signifying success and personal will. 

Akin to a soldier’s uniform, a suit is an important part of a successful man’s everyday—an armor he puts on, giving him the confidence needed to face the day-to-day challenges of his corporate war. But a soldier always carries with him a charm, and—like a photograph or lucky rabbit’s foot—the Kong Stone nests with in is uniform, bringing him luck and prosperity.