Immigrating to Canada at the age of 13, Khong had to drop out of high school to sew to help her parents. 30 years later, she has become a very experienced seamstress and sews prom and wedding dresses. Now married and mother of 3 children, she provides for her family thanks to her passion. She joined our network to put her skills at the service of the community that welcomed her 30 years earlier.



Mother of 2 children with more than 30 years of experience in sewing, she has a passion for fashion and spends her free time sewing her own dresses, real creations. She chose to join our network for the history and design behind our masks, now spending her free time making masks that people will want to wear, not just by obligation.



She shared her passion for sewing when she started to do her own patterns and sewing books. Fashion has always been a fascinating world for her, her favorite hobbies are reading magazine, watching parades and dreaming about haute couture dresses. She's married since 25 years and has 3 children.



Couture appeared in her life when she was a student in High-School. She began to sew clothes for her with her mom who already has the habits to sew for her all her clothes during her childhood. She's now married with 3 children and makes her passion a dream job. She continues the tradition to sew clothes for her children.


Nathon Kong's Team

The pieces are crafted internal by our qualify professional seamstress working in Canada and also Internationally.
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A new modern generation of industrial production with care, created to sustain Québec economy and to promote the expertise of local artisans. Network employing vulnerable population, working from their home safely giving a purpose and telling their stories.

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Each mask is made with 100% natural fabrics and handmade safely in Québec. Sent with a certificate of Authenticity to find the ID of the seamstress and the number of the piece.


If you want to contribute to our collection and work safely from your home, join our network. Please send us an email with your contact details and we will contact you shortly.

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