Martial Le-Bras was born in Rennes, France, in 1954. He was only eight when his parents converted him and his nine brothers and sisters to mormonism. Then at eighteen, he went to the cinema with his twin brother, Didier, to see the famous Cecil B. DeMille film, The Ten Commandments.
This experience had a profound and lasting effect on Martial. He then moved to Canada at the age of 22 where he worked a variety of jobs including as a cargo handler in a warehouse and many different positions in restaurants. He joined Les Impatients in Pointe-aux-Trembles in 1992 where he began his collection of over seventy large watercolour paintings depicting scenes of the Old Testament.
Les Impatients devoted an entire exhibit to his exhaustive work in 2006. His colorful style could be admired but what stood out most was his spontaneous and personal interpretation of the life of Moses.

To find more about the non-profit organization Les Impatients who support the artists through therapeutic art programs, visit the website here.