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Collection - les impatients

LIMITED EDITION  in collaboration with artists of the association Les Impatients. A non-profit organization who help people with mental health through therapeutic art programs.

Each of this silk creation tell the story of an artist with a unique mental health journey. A journey to own recovery through the power of creative expression.

Our purpose

We believe that what you wear is the expression of who you are.

Every apparel we design is a piece of art itself with a meaningful story. A story to tell and share through the person who wear it. Each piece is unique and signed by the artist.

We only collaborate with artists and non-profit organizations from Montréal to promote the community and local initiative. To continue our support, 10% of our profits are donated to therapeutic art programs.

For a bespoke suit, our showroom in Montréal is only accessible by appointment to offer an exclusive and unique experience for each of our customer.

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