Les Impatients is an organization working for the benefit of individuals with mental health problems through artistic expression, offering free creative workshops and exposing artworks created within their workshops across Quebec. The Les Impatients collection showcases artworks of the participants of the program.

For every suit purchase, part of the proceeds go the Les Impatients. A huge thank you to all our customers who personally support or have an interest in helping those who work for the benefit of individuals with mental health problems.

Jean Quévillon

Jean Quévillon has been attending the Pointe-aux-Trembles workshops starting in the spring of 2019. Ever since he has been coming to Les Impatients, he has been drawing more.

This allows him to reduce his headaches and his hospitalization time. He enjoys socializing with his colleagues and having coffee while drawing. He dreams of traveling to Europe and learning to ride horses. He enjoys drawing houses, animals and sugar shacks with colored pencils. He uses the entire surface of the paper and works in flat colors without modeling his subjects.


Before coming to the Impatients' workshops for the first time, Tobie took live model and ceramics classes and even enrolled for a session at the Cégep du Vieux Montréal. He is particularly fond of ink, watercolor and oil pastel. He appreciates the Impatients' workshops because he can express himself without being judged. He feels free and well surrounded. Tobie attends the workshops assiduously.

Mario Riel

Mario joined the Impatients’ workshops in Pointe-aux-Trembles several years ago. He uses gouache and is fond of primary colors. He draws mainly portraits, houses and various vehicles without modeling or perspective. His works are composed on a light blue background with a darker blue or red frame that accentuates contrasts.

Sylvie Deschamps

Sylvie has worked for many years as a speech therapist. She has been attending the Downtown workshops since the fall of 2020.

Before coming to Les Impatients, Sylvie explored many mediums, first photography which she still practices but also through a training in cabinet making.While she was always attracted to art and recognized that it was good for her, she found it difficult to motivate herself. By coming to Les Impatients, she works in a regular and rigorous way. The workshops also give her a sense of pride and accomplishment.

She prepares her surface with touches of watercolor and then completes her composition by instinctively covering the flat areas with lines in ink. It is afterwards that she has fun recognizing forms. She appreciates the freedom of expression in her works and advocates for an intuitive creation that she seeks to renew by exploring different shapes and colors.

Michel Pellegrino

Michel has been attending the Impatients' workshops for many years. He is as interested in the visual arts workshops as he is in the music workshops. He likes to draw mantra-inspired motifs. These compositions are articulated like a melody in rhythm, repetition and balance.

Michel has a strong interest in psychology and has studied in this field. He has long been interested in the treatises of the psychologist Karlfried Graf Durckheim, as well as inthe Bhagavad Gita.

The Impatients first welcomed him in the music workshops where he played guitar and practiced musical improvisation. Then, he became interested in gouache and now works with pens and colored pencils. His approach is similar to meditation, which he practices on a weekly basis. Like Karlfried Graf Durckheim, he uses lines as if in a meditative state in order to be fully anchored in consciousness.


Ram was born in Sainte-Angèle-de-Monnoir to a large family. She is also the mother of two grown boys and has the joy of being a grandmother now. She studied fashion design at Lasalle College and visual arts at UQAM. She worked a lot in sculpture, painting and printing arts. Very productive, she accumulated a lot of pieces at home during this period.

In addition to her interest in the arts, Ram worked at the UQAM library for many years. This gave her the opportunity to read a lot. She is interested in books that deal with philosophy, education and psychology.

She has been attending the Impatients’ Downtown workshops since recently. She works exclusively with dry and oil pastels.



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