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By invitation only People who are interested in visiting us should make an appointment by first sending their request via «book an appointment».

Located on the Belgo floor in the heart of Montreal’s Quartier des spectacles, we will make sure your experience in our showroom will be unique and immersive. Inspired by the Forbidden City, China’s vast 15th century imperial palace, the design is signed by Nathon Kong, painter Amélie Morency and Ædifica. The showroom will carry you into a particular universe where time stands still and where sensory experience and artwork meet.

CUSTOMER Experience

Your experience will be divided in three acts: We define the design of the piece together by choosing the artwork and the fabric, then we will proceed to a digitalization of your body prints and, finally, the presentation of the final piece.

To create better customer experience and to allow a level of accuracy in measurements, Nathon Kong utilizes a full-body 3D scanner to take 450 measurements within 5 to 15 seconds time as a means to enhance its handcrafted quality.



+1 (514) 612 6699 - Nathon Kong HQ - Suite 203, 372 Ste Catherine Ouest Montreal QC, Canada, H3B 1A2


Is an Italian luxury fashion house founded in 1910. (*). The fashion house started as a family owned business, handing down their expertise through generations. The brand has built a reputation throughout the years as an expert in fabric, producing high quality wool from their Australian farms to their private mills located in the company’s birthplace of Italy. Zegna produces long lasting fabrics by the application of a long stemming weaving process. At Nathon Kong, the price of Zegna fabric suit starts at $2,500.


Is an Italian fashion house founded in 1967 in Paris. Throughout history, the brand has mastered the art of tailoring . Cerutti is reputed based on the pillars of innovation and quality. The high quality fabrics are a combination of Australian wool and the Mongolian cashmere, offering an innovative twist to the fabrics. Cerutti has a longstanding At Nathon Kong, the price of Cerutti fabric suit starts at $1,550.


Using 100% Italian wool, the high end fabric is combined blend of fused hoarse canvas hair.

At Nathon Kong the price of a standard suit starts at $925


Nathon Kong shirts are made of 100% Egyptian cotton. The cotton of 1ply fabric is woven closer together, giving a lighter finish.

The price of a 1ply shirt is $150.


Nathon Kong shirts are made of 100% Egyptian cotton. The cotton of 2ply fabric is woven with a thicker finish, allowing wrinkle resistant clothing.

The price of a 2ply shirt is $175.

I want to take an appointment?

Please contact us by e-mail or by phone and we will book an appointment with you at our showroom in dowtown Montreal. Please note that there is a consultation fees whitch can be used as a deposit for your order.