Can You go to a Wedding Without a Suit Jacket?

We know the feeling. If you have a wedding in the summer, you know it's going to be uncomfortable wearing a suit in the heat. So, you wonder: can you go to a wedding without a suit jacket?

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Can you attend a wedding without a suit jacket?

The answer may surprise you, as it can depend on many factors. Here are a few things you should consider before going to a wedding without a suit jacket.

How Formal is the Wedding?

Usually, weddings are considered formal events requiring its guests to wear a suit jacket, but that's not always the case.

Maybe you know that the wedding you are attending is supposed to be a very intimate event, with only a few close friends and family members being invited.

These kinds of weddings tend to be less formal, as most of those in attendance know each other very well. In this case, you can probably wear an outfit without a suit jacket, but...

Is Wearing a Suit Uncomfortable?

When we are talking about comfort at Nathon Kong, we are talking about two things: how you feel about a suit's fit, and how you feel emotionally when you wear a suit jacket.

Maybe on a hot day, wearing a complete three-piece with the suit jacket is uncomfortable. But at a wedding where everyone else is wearing a suit and you are doing without, would you feel comfortable?

When trying to decide whether to go to a wedding without a suit jacket, consider what everyone else will be wearing. You will probably want to wear one if everyone else is.

Where is the Wedding?

Wedding outfits can also be largely influenced by the wedding venue. Whether the wedding is happening outside or what sort of activities you are going to do should influence if you should go without a suit jacket.

If the wedding is happening at a beach, you might want to consider going without a suit jacket, or prepare to take it off shortly after you arrive. You will want to experience the fresh breeze of the beach.

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If, however, the wedding is taking place at a hall, then you will probably want to wear a complete three-piece suit. A wedding in a hall is usually an indicator that the wedding is meant to be very formal. You are going to be in a nice environment, probably without moving very much, so you are going to want to look your best.

Expert Advice on What to Wear

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