Ask these 3 Question to Pick the Right Wedding Suit

"When it comes to your wedding," Nathon says, "you want a suit that's going to be timeless. Because you are going to have the wedding pictures forever, and you want those to look nice for years to come."

With this in mind, what style of suit do you want for your wedding?

Every wedding is different, and every bride and groom will have a different vision for their wedding and the groom's suit. Even if you don't have a complete idea of what you want or need, this is where Nathon Kong can help you.

As an expert in style and lifestyle, Nathon takes the time to get to know his clients and recommend the fabrics and styles that will best suit their needs.

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Here are few pointers you should consider when choosing what suit style you want for your wedding.

1. Do Both the Bride and Groom Like the Suit?

For a lot of weddings, it is the bride that decides on the suit that the groom is going to wear.

This isn't because the groom is disinterested in how he looks during the wedding. Weddings are usually considered the bride's special moment. Much of the way traditional ceremonies are carried out is to emphasize on the bride. That is why the bride usually has a lot of input on the wedding.

Groom Tuxedo Made in Montreal | Fashion Designer Nathon Kong

 Grooms should have a say in what they wear for the wedding (Photo credit: Ophélie Boisvert)

That doesn't mean grooms want every decision on what they are wearing to their wedding to be made without them. Instead, brides and grooms should be communicating with each other and both involved in the suit selection process.

At Nathon Kong, both the bride and groom are invited to come to sessions so Nathon can talk with both and create a suit that everyone loves.

2. Will You Reuse Your Wedding Suit?

The vast majority of grooms who get a custom suit want to reuse their suit. This is important to consider, as it will change the style of suit you want for your wedding.

For example, if you wanted a suit that has a large pin that goes through the collar of the suit, it would look very nice for a wedding or for the occasional special outing, but it wouldn't be practical for multiple uses as the pin would tear at the suit.

Whether or not you want to reuse your wedding suit will be a deciding factor on the style of suit that you will want to wear as it will determine how fashionable or practical you will want to make it.

Bespoke Wedding Tuxedo for Grooms | Fashion Designer Nathon Kong

You may not want to get a tuxedo if you want to reuse a suit, but it is definitely a stylish option for a wedding

3. Do You Choose a Classic Suit?

Remember how we said above that the wedding photos are forever? This is related to our final point, which is it is generally best to stick with a classic suit style rather than going for whatever is trendy.

In the 2000s, everyone was getting a completely white wedding suit.

This trend only lasted about 10 years. As a result, wedding photos featuring white wedding suits quickly looked outdated.

If you want your wedding suit to be trendy or follow a particular theme, we are happy to design it with you. But keep in mind, it limits the suits rewearability and may not look trendy forever.

Clients who want to add something special and unique should do so subtly with a fashion accessory or in the lining of the suit. Nathon believes the key to a great suit is one that you feel comfortable in not just because it is a perfect fit but because you have an emotional connection to it.

Bring art to your suit.

To form this connection, clients get to choose an exclusive, limited-edition artwork to form the lining of the suit. The artworks are by participants of Les Impatients, a non-profit organization that supports people with mental health problems through therapeutic art programs.

Each artwork tells of an artist's journey to mental health recovery. 10% from all proceeds from the sale of suits and limited-edition fashion accessories are donated to Les Impatients. Your suit contributes to the community and supports awareness for mental health.

Designer Suit Made in Montreal | Nathon Kong

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