Reuse Your Wedding Suit in Ways You Never Thought Possible

The wedding is over. The guests are gone. And now, it is time for men to put their beautiful, newly tailored bespoke suit away forever, never to be used again, right?

Of course not.

As we've said before, a man doesn't get a bespoke suit for their wedding just to look good. It is an investment of sorts because they now have an excellent suit they can reuse.

Custom Made Suit Lining Made in Montreal | Fashion Designer Nathon Kong

A bespoke suit can be worn for several occasions (Photo credit: Ophélie Boisvert)

When a client comes to us for a custom-made wedding suit, Nathon consults them on whether the suit will be reused after the wedding. Always eager to minimize waste where possible and an expert on lifestyle and clothing comfort, Nathon takes this into account when recommending fabrics to ensure the client's suit is comfortable for their needs.

Once you see all the opportunities you will have to reuse a bespoke suit after the wedding, be sure to book an appointment with us and create the suit that you can feel confident wearing.

Where to Book an Appointment for a Bespoke Suit Online in Montreal | Nathon Kong

Here are some opportunities men have to reuse their wedding suit long after the wedding is over.

Another Wedding. Same Suit.

It is very likely friends and family in a man's life are going to get married after them. So, why would they buy a new wedding suit when they already have a perfectly good one they can reuse?

It is absolutely okay for men to reuse their wedding suit to another wedding, when they'll be a groomsman instead of a groom. Men should be sure not to outshine the groom on his special day, but men who have a wedding suit are ready for another wonderful wedding.

Date Night with Your Partner

Wedding Suit with Custom Lining | Fashion Designer Nathon Kong

The wedding is only the beginning of the journey men have with their partner (Photo credit: Ophélie Boisvert)

The wedding is just the first of the many happy days and nights men will be spending with their partner. When men go out on that fancy dinner date with their partner after their wedding, why wouldn't a man reuse their wedding suit as a reminder of the day they married their partner?

Whenever You Can Wear a Suit

Men can reuse their wedding suit for almost any special occasion where they would want to look their best. For example, are they attending a networking event where they will be meeting a lot of new people, from new employers to potential coworkers or employees? A man's wedding suit may come in handy.

Groomsmen Suit with Printed Lining | Fashion Designer Nathon Kong

Men can reuse their wedding suit for almost any occasion they can wear a suit to (Photo credit: Ophélie Boisvert).

Or are they going to a play or orchestra at a high class theatre? Yet another time for men to pull out and reuse their sharp wedding suit.

Want a list of every event men can wear a suit to, potentially reusing their wedding suit? Discover these moments in our article on the 10 events when you should wear a suit.

Wedding Suits for Grooms & Suit Lining Patterns | Designer Nathon Kong

There are a few events men shouldn't wear their wedding suit to.

Keep in mind, men do not want to reuse their wedding suit for every occasion they would wear a suit to. It just isn't appropriate to take out the wedding for more semi-formal occasions, like if they are teaching at a university.

A Wedding Suit with a Special Connection to You

Wedding suits often come with happy memories attached to it. So often, we can get an emotional response from what we wear. This feeling is what Nathon Kong wants to bring to what men wear to their wedding.

Bespoke Suit Lining Options | Fashion Designer Nathon Kong

Suit lining with exclusive artworks.

Nathon Kong incorporates artwork made by people with mental health troubles into the lining of suits and accessories like ties and bow ties. We collaborate with Les Impatients, a non-profit organization that has therapeutic art programs to supports people who have mental health troubles.

10% of all proceeds are donated to Les Impatients, so–when you wear Nathon Kong–you're telling the story of someone's journey to mental health recovery while raising awareness for mental health issues.

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