What Should You Wear to a Wedding?

Are you wondering what you should wear to your sibling's, cousin's, or even your own wedding? Here is your complete guide of everything you should wear to your next wedding.

1. Bespoke Suits or Tuxedoes

Custom Suit For Men in Montreal | Nathon Kong

Custom, bespoke suits or tuxedos are usually what you want to wear to a wedding. Weddings are special, unique, and formal occasions. There are going to be a lot of pictures. You're going to want to look your best, and nothing looks better than a tailored made suit that fits you perfectly.

Tell Your Story With Nathon Kong

Custom Suits and Tuxedos Made in Montreal | Nathon Kong

The lining of each Nathon Kong suit incorporates art by a member of Les Impatients. Les Impatients is a nonprofit organization that support artists with mental health problems through therapeutic art programs. We donate 10% of the profits made from the sale of suits to Les Impatients so that they can continue to support these artists. Each artwork tells the artist's journey to mental health recovery. When you wear a Nathon Kong suit, you become a part of that story.

Where to Book an Appointment for Custom Suits in Montreal | Nathon Kong

Book your appointment for a tailored suit or tuxedo online here. 

2. Bespoke Shirts

Ply Shirts for Men Made in Montreal | Nathon Kong

If you are going to wear a bespoke suit to a wedding, you're going to want a bespoke shirt that fits you as comfortably as your suit. The fabric shirts are made from are either single-ply or two-ply. Ply refers to the number of yarns that are twisted together to make a thread. 1 ply shirts are light and breathable. 2 ply shirts are thicker but are stretchier and smoother. Both are comfortable to wear under a bespoke suit.

Book your appointment here for bespoke shirts.

3. Protective Silk Face Masks

Washable Green Silk Face Mask Made in Canada | Nathon Kong

Many weddings were cancelled during the covid-19 pandemic. Weddings occurring during the pandemic require guests to wear a face mask. Protective silk face masks are the best face masks to wear for a wedding. As with the other silk fashion accessories, silk face masks have a shine that makes them look beautiful with suits and at weddings.

Where to Buy Washable Silk Face Masks Made in Canada | Nathon Kong

4. Ties or Neckties

Silk Pink Necktie for Men Made in Montreal | Nathon Kong

Ties and Necktie are classic fashion accessories to wear for a wedding and with a suit. Silk neckties are especially appropriate for formal events because of their glossy appearance.

Where to Buy Men's Wedding Ties in Montreal | Nathon Kong

5. Bow Ties

Silk Bow Ties for Men Made in Montreal | Nathon Kong

A wedding is a great time to wear a bow tie. A bow tie can replace a necktie, but should only be worn for special occasions or as part of your every day outfit. Either way, wearing a silk bow tie to a wedding can be an excellent replacement for a tie.

Where to Buy Designer Silk Bow Ties For Men in Quebec | Nathon Kong

6. Pocket Squares

High End Pocket Square for Men Made in Quebec | Nathon Kong

Pocket squares are a great fashion accessory to wear to a wedding. They go well with bespoke suits and tuxedoes. Pocket squares can add colour and variation to the usual monotony of a suit blazer.

Where to Buy Pocket Squares Online in Montreal | Nathon Kong

Fashion Accessories With a Purpose

Michel LeBlanc Men's Silk Fashion Scarf Made in Montreal | Nathon Kong

Michel LeBlanc, Canadian Entrepreneur and Nathon Kong Ambassador

As with bespoke suits, Nathon Kong's fashion accessories incorporate art by artist members of Les Impatients. You can read their stories here. Silk fashion accessories can be bought online and shipped to anywhere in Canada or the United States. Each art piece is made in limited edition and shipped in a gift box with a certificate of authenticity recounting the story of the artist. 

Browse our collect of fashion accessories made from 100% mulberry silk here.

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