Will Face Masks Become a Fashion Item?

As it becomes more and more clear that COVID-19 will be with us for a long time, local Montreal businesses have been making fashionable face masks. Since wearing face masks is mandatory in Quebec, people want to wear unique face masks that look nice and stand out. Face masks as a fashion item are here to stay, at least as long as the pandemic continues.

Fashionable Pink Silk Face Mask Made in Quebec | Nathon Kong 

Silk Face Masks with Unique Printed Artworks 

Nathon Kong makes masks as a form of art. Each fashionable art piece item made by Nathon Kong incorporates artworks by members of a therapeutic art program held by a non-profit organization in Quebec called Les Impatients

Where to Buy Fashionable Face Masks in Quebec | Nathon Kong

The collection of face masks are made in limited edition and numbered. They are shipped in a golden envelope with a certificate of authenticity that contains the edition number of the masks you bought. If you buy five or more silk face masks, we will send them in a special gift box.

Fashionable Yellow Silk Face Mask with Printed Artwork | Nathon Kong

Silk Face Masks with a Cause

The clothes you wear tells a story. It tells the story of its creation, of its creators, and of who you are.

Nathon Kong makes silk face masks and clothing that has a purpose. Each fashion accessory tells the story of the Quebec artist who created the artwork on your mask and their journey to recovery.

10% of your purchase is donated to Les Impatients to support mental health awareness.

The masks are sewn in Quebec by local seamstresses. These seamstresses are part of Nathon Kong's Angel network. They work at the hours they choose and safely from the their home during the COVID-19 pandemic. The certificate of authenticity comes with an Angel number that tells the stories of the seamstresses on the Angel page.

When you wear Nathon Kong, you support local artisans and raise awareness for mental health.

 Fashionable Blue Silk Face Mask made in Quebec | Nathon Kong

Where to Buy Fashionable Face Masks | Nathon Kong

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