Les Impatients, Supporting Artists Suffering from Mental Health Issues Through Art

Nathon Kong is proud to promote the work of Les Impatients, a local, non-profit organization that supports artists suffering from mental health issues through art workshops and programs. 

The activities organized by Les Impatients gives the artists a purpose in their community beyond being a patient through the creation of art. Each artwork tells the story of an artist's journey to recovery. Certain artworks are selected to be reproduced in limited edition by Nathon Kong into an art piece that can be worn. When you wear a Nathon Kong art piece you become a part of that artist’s story while also raising awareness for those suffering from mental health problems and celebrating Montreal artists.  

10% of all the proceeds go back to Les Impatients who continue to encourage artists to tell their stories through the creation of art.

Discover here our collection of reusable silk face masks that are limited edition reproductions of artworks by Les Impatients.

Premier of Quebec François Legault and Minister of Culture and Communication Nathalie Roy wears Nathon Kong Silk Face Mask with Artwork by Les Impatients

François Legault wear a mask Nathon Kong

Nathon Kong and Les Impatients were surprised to see Premier of Quebec François Legault and the Minister of Culture and Communications Nathalie Roy wearing a limited edition reusable silk face masks produced from artwork created by artists through Les Impatients program. We would like to express our gratitude to François Legault and Nathalie Roy for their support and for taking the time at the beginning of their conferences to speak of the purpose of Nathon Kong and of Les Impatients.

Nathalie Roy wear a silk face mask Nathon Kong

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