Nathon Kong Silk Face Masks in the News

We are surprised and grateful for all the support and feedback we’ve received from Montreal publications and media concerning our reusable silk face mask. We would like to thank these publications for supporting local fashion designers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

See below some of the articles and news reports that talk about our work.

Radio-Canada’s Le Téléjournal with Céline Galipeau Talks About Nathon Kong

Nathon Kong in Radio Canada

Watch here he full episode of Le Téléjournal avec Céline Galipeau on Radio-Canada. It was an honor for Nathon Kong to be able to participate with Radio-Canada for an episode. Thank you so much to Radio-Canada for giving us the opportunity to share our purpose and the concept behind our reusable silk face masks.

Montreal Newspaper La Presse Promotes Local Fashion Designers Including Nathon Kong

Nathon Kong in Lapresse

Read here the article by La Presse promoting the local artisans who are making face masks during the coronavirus pandemic. We would like to say thank you to La Presse for including Nathon Kong among the Montreal businesses they have promoted.

Tourisme Montréal Includes Nathon Kong in Their List of Local Face Mask Designers

Read here the article by Tourisme Montréal on the local businesses who are giving back to the community by making face masks in ways similar to how Nathon Kong donates 10% of all proceeds from the sale of face masks to Les Impatients. We are grateful for the support of Tourisme Montréal and thankful for being included in their listing.

Nightlife Talks About Nathon Kong and our Collaboration with Les Impatients

Nathon Kong X Les Impatients: des masques pour la santé mentale

Read here an article written by Nightlife that discusses our collaboration with Les Impatients and our mission to raise awareness for mental health with silk face masks. We would like to express our thanks for their support.


Snack Bar Features Stylish Face Mask Designers, Including Nathon Kong

Nathon Kong on Snack Bar


Read here an article written by Snack Bar about fashion designers making stylish face masks. We would like to express our thanks for being included in this article.

Elle Québec Shares Nathon Kong's Review of Mask with Dr. Sébastien Préville-Ratelle

Nathon Kong Review of Mask with Dr. Sébastien Préville Ratelle

Read here an article by Elle Québec on the proper way of putting on, taking off, and wearing a face mask. In this article they include our review of face masks with Dr. Sébastien Préville-Ratelle. We would like to say thank you to Elle Québec for sharing our video with their audience.

Fashion is Everywhere Features Nathon Kong Silk Face Masks

Fashion is Everywhere Promotes Nathon Kong Reusable Silk Face Masks

Read Fashion is Everywhere’s wonderful article on our reusable silk face masks here. They talk about our brand, how our face masks are locally made with premium materials, and about our collaboration with Les Impatients. We would like to extend our thanks to Fashion is Everywhere for their support.

Nathon Kong on Kind Time With Pamela Pagano

A huge thank you to Pamela Pagano for for having us on her show Kind Time. Check out her interview with Nathon Kong on YouTube here.

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