How to Wash Your Nathon Kong Mulberry Silk Face Mask

Nathon Kong’s face masks are made from 100% premium cotton and mulberry silk, the finest materials in the world and providers of the best filtration capabilities in face masks.

Each face mask incorporates art made by members of Les Impatients, a nonprofit organization that supports people with mental health difficulties through therapeutic art programs. 10% of the profits made from the sale of silk face masks are given back to Les Impatients so that they can continue to support these Montreal artists.

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The purpose of wearing a mask during a pandemic is to prevent you from unknowingly spreading the virus in your community. Wearing a mask while in public is not necessary, but highly recommended.

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Unfortunately, non-reusable face masks and PPE are being discarded in the streets and adding up too many tons of waste. It is for this reason Nathon Kong makes reusable face masks to minimize the production of this waste.

Doctors encourage those using reusable face masks to wash them after every use. Care should be taken when washing a Nathon Kong silk face mask because of the delicate nature of these high quality fabrics. Proper washing is important for the integrity of the material and for it to maintain its softness.

Here are 4 quick steps to washing your Nathon Kong face mask:

  • 1. Wash the Face Mask with Lukewarm Water

    We recommend washing the face mask by hand in lukewarm water. While mulberry silk can be washed in a washing machine, it is a delicate material that can shrink in hot water and be damaged while tumbling in the machine's tub. Washing the mask by hand is easy and can be accomplished in a bathroom or kitchen sink.
    • 2. Rub in Soap

    Next, rub in some soap on the front of the mask. You can use any kind of liquid soap so long as it is a gentle detergent.
    • 3. Gently Wring Out Water

    Once you have finished washing the mask, squeeze out excess water between your fingers and thumbs.

    • 4. Hang the Face Mask to Air Dry

    To dry the mask, hang it inside your home and leave it to dry in the open air. We recommend not using a clothes dryer as it damages the integrity of the fabric.

      Watch our instructional video on youtube on how to wash your Nathon Kong mulberry silk face mask here.

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