6 Ways to Add Stylish Face Masks to Your Outfit

Face masks are to be made mandatory in Quebec in the coming week. This is an exciting opportunity to experiment with incorporating face masks as a fashion accessory for our outfits. 

Everyone should accessorize a little bit. What people wear is meaningful and tells us about who they are. Adding accessories to an outfit perks it up and helps you stand out in a crowd. Here is some advice for adding face masks to your outfit, especially if you are wearing a fashionable face mask or a printed face mask.

1. Make an Outfit Around a Face Mask

Fashion Accessories are usually an add-on to an outfit. They usually aren’t the centerpieces of an outfit. But when you have a nice necklace or face mask that you want to draw attention to, then you might want to make an outfit starting with that accessory in mind. Wear neutral, solid colors, maybe even something plain, so that the fashion accessory or face mask stands out as the most interesting part of the outfit.

Fashionable Limited Edition Silk Face Mask Made in Quebec | Nathon Kong

Consider the outfit of one of Nathon Kong’s ambassador’s, Jennifer Nguyen. She is wearing a mask with art by Sergio Larenas along with a solid black tank top. She has even tied her hair back. The focus is on the face mask. We immediately notice it.

You can find this printed silk face mask worn by Jennifer Nguyen here with art by Sergio Larenas. 

2. Match the Outfit’s Colors 

The most important concept in outfit design is matching colors. Matching colors can be a tricky practice to get the hang of, but here’s some of the basics.

The easiest way to match colors is to use what is called neutral colors. These are colors that go with any other color, like black, white, navy or brown. If you want to add a colorful clothing article to your outfit, you could do worse than wearing it with neutral colors.

Color Wheel for Matching Face Mask with Outfit | Nathon Kong

You can also use contrasting colors. If you want to make an outfit with more than just neutral colors or with more complex patterns, then you’ll want to consider the color wheel above. Generally, when making an outfit you want the different parts of it to contrast, or to be on opposite ends of the color wheel. For example, wearing a yellow top with a blue bottom, or a red top with a green bottom.

But be warned. Wearing all bright and vibrant colors will make you look like something that walked out of the frames of a Picasso. Generally, the centerpiece item, the piece of clothing you want people to notice (usually a top), will be the brightness article in your outfit.

3. Face Masks that have Matching Fashion Accessories 

Many of the prints of Nathon Kong’s reusable silk face masks are also incorporated with art pieces from other collections. For example, in this article's featured image you see Nathon Kong ambassador Philippe Beaudry wearing a face mask with art by Francois Ducas along with a pocket square and tie with the same art design on it. 

Sirjirk with Silk Face Mask and Silk Scarf Fashion Accessory for Men | Nathon Kong

Nathon Kong ambassador Sirjirk is wearing a silk face mask and a mulberry silk scarf with art by Bill Market. Wearing printed face masks that have other matching fashion articles is a great way to give your outfit a sense of cohesion. 

Find the face mask worn by Philippe Beaudry here, the pocket square here, and the tie here. All these fashion accessories are based on the artwork Guitar by artist Fancois Ducas. 

Find the face mask worn by Sirjirk here and the scarf here based on a landscape by artist Bill Market.

4. Wear a Comfortable and Breathable Face Mask

Comfortable Breathable Face Mask For Outdoors made in Quebec | Nathon Kong

It’s important that you are wearing a comfortable and breathable face mask if you want to incorporate cloth face masks into your outfit. The perfect outfit is one you love to wear. You can’t enjoy wearing a face mask if you’re constantly touching and adjusting it. 

We have articles discussing the benefits of using silk for a face mask for both breathability and comfort. You can read the article on breathability here and the article on the best fabrics for face mask filtration here.

5. Keep Your Face Clean

Stephanie Emond with Washable Silk Face Mask Made in Quebec | Nathon Kong

Face hygiene and using a face mask properly have become very important during the COVID-19 pandemic. Eyes will be drawn to your face if you are wearing a fashionable face mask. Make sure that your hair is styled and that your makeup looks nice if you’re wearing a stylish face mask. If you have a beard, make sure that it is also groomed.

6. Find Ideas for Outfits

Philippe Beaudry wearing Washable Silk Face Mask Made in Canada | Nathon Kong

The real fun of outfit creation is experimenting with different styles. A lot of people will be wearing face masks now. Get inspired by looking at the people around you and try what they're wearing. Combine ideas and incorporate them into your existing outfits.

You can browse our collection of reusable silk face masks and look at images of our ambassadors to give you some ideas for outfits with face masks.

Wear a Fashionable Face Mask that Tells a Story

Washable Fashionable Silk Face Mask | Nathon Kong

Nathon Kong art face masks incorporate art created by artists who are members of Les Impatients. Les Impatient is a non-profit organization that supports artists struggling with mental health. 10% of all proceeds made from the sale of face masks and other fashion accessories are given back to Les Impatients so that they can continue to support this community of Montreal artists. 

Face masks are made in Quebec in limited edition by local seamstresses working from their homes during the COVID-19 pandemic. Each face mask comes with a certificate of authenticity with the story of the artist’s journey to recovery.

Where to Buy Face Masks made with Silk | Nathon Kong

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Thank you for this very helpful tip.
Appreciated your ideas and suggestions.
Now, a wonderful way to wear it!
Aside from safety purposes, it will now be a beautiful thing to plan before you leave the house.
Thank you so much!

Just Elivaran January 05, 2021

Since this pandemic, we have started living our life with masks and sanitizers. However, as the things are getting back on track we cannot stop wearing different outfits as per the latest trends. Your post has suggested various ways to look more stylish with masks with our outfits.

Chris Harrison September 18, 2020

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