Work From Home by Becoming a Seamstress with Nathon Kong

Do you want to know how our reusable mulberry silk face masks are made? 

Every Nathon Kong face mask is sewn in Montreal by seamstresses who work from home at the hours they choose. These artisans are members of Nathon Kong’s Angel Network. The Angel Network is the new Uber for local seamstresses, allowing them to work as entrepreneurs from their homes.

The Angels (Artisans) who Sew Nathon Kong’s Silk Face Mask.

Angel Sewing Silk Face Mask | Nathon Kong

Each Nathon Kong silk face mask comes with a certificate of authenticity. The certificate tells the story of how the art piece was made. Wearers of a Nathon Kong silk face mask carry the story of an artist recovering from a mental health issue. They also wear the story of the seamstress who crafted their mask.

Our seamstresses are the artists who sew the Nathon Kong silk face masks. They work with the finest materials in the world; mulberry silk and 100% premium cotton. We train our seamstresses how to sew the masks and then they work from home at whichever hours they like.

On each certificate there is a unique angel number which identifies the seamstress that sewed each mask. That number can be used to find who sewed each face mask on the Angel page, where you can read about the seamstress's career, expertise, and their story which is told by your unique mulberry silk face mask. 

Click here to see the collection of limited edition silk face masks our Angels sew.

Face Masks that are Sewn Within the Community with Care

Nathon Kong is moving away from the traditional practice of manufacturing clothing in sweatshops. We strive to keep all creative aspects of our art pieces in Montreal. Nathon Kong silk face masks are crafted with care by Montrealers to support the Quebec economy and to celebrate local artisanry.

An Alternative Way of Working: The Uber for Seamstresses

The Angel Network is the Uber for seamstresses. It provides them with a platform on which to pursue a career in sewing and start their own sewing business. Seamstresses who are part of the Angel Network get to be their own bosses who work from home and choose their own hours.

Work Safely From Home During the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Angel Working from Home | Nathon Kong

About 12.5% of paid workers have been laid off monthly during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Canadian government strongly encourages employees to work from home whenever possible to prevent the spreading of the virus.The Angel Network allows seamstresses who have lost their incomes to make a living sewing. It also accommodates members of the vulnerable population by allowing them to work safely from their homes.

How to Start Your Own Sewing Business

To start your own sewing business, you will need your own sewing machine. Owning your own serger can also be helpful for finishing the inside of your creations, but there are ways to make seam finishes without a serger

Taxation can vary depending on the province or country you are working in. Click here to read Revenue Quebec’s obligations for self-employed persons and here for Canada’s taxation guidelines for self-employed workers and small businesses. 

Become a Seamstress and Start Making a Living Sewing by Joining Nathon Kong’s Angel Network Today.

Angel Sewing Nathon Kong Face Mask


Whether you are looking for a purpose after losing your job during the COVID-19 pandemic, would like to start working from home, or you are looking for a way to develop your sewing hobby, Nathon Kong would like to invite you to join our Angel Network. You do not need a license or certificate to be a seamstress but skill is required. 

Because seamstresses collaborating with Nathon Kong work with high quality materials and often sew complicated designs, we pay more than the usual rate per mask. 

Send your contact information to and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

Click here to visit our Angel page and learn more about our Angel Network.


Salut je suis intéressé pour votre annonce

Daoues Kalthoum December 09, 2021

Salut est-ce que tu as besoin de couturière qui travaille à la maison j’ai 20 ans d’expérience

Adji November 24, 2021

Je suis couturiere a la maison, jaimerais savoir si vous fournissez du travaille pour faire des masques a la maison je demeure dans les laurentides.
merci Lyne

Lyne February 11, 2021

J’aimerais me joindre à votre belle équipe

Anne Thibault February 04, 2021

Je me demandais si il était possible d’être couturière pour vous si je demeure à Gatineau. J’aimerai si oui avoir plus d’information ,celà m’aiderai bien suite à des coupures salariales due au covid. Merci de votre attention .

Sarah coudé February 04, 2021

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