Face Masks to be Mandatory in Quebec: Acquire Your Unique Piece of Art in Limited Edition

The Legault government will be making it mandatory for citizens to wear a face masks while taking public transport as of July 13th.

Many doctors have been calling on governments to make the wearing of face masks mandatory in public spaces over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic. Studies show that wearing a mask is effective at preventing coronavirus from spreading when worn by at least 80% of the population.

Not everyone who is infected with the coronavirus disease shows symptoms. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 80% of infections are mild or entirely without symptoms. Research shows that asymptomatic and presymptomatic transmission is a major factor in how the COVID-19 virus spreads

Wearing a Face Mask is a Symbol of Respect

Wearing a face mask shows a sign of mutual respect. The purpose of wearing a face mask is not to protect oneself but to prevent the accidental spread of the virus to other people in the community. 

Read here an article by Forbes on how wearing a mask in public is a sign of respect to the community.

François Legault wears a face mask by Les Impatients and Nathon Kong

François Legault wore a Nathon Kong mask to a press conference. Read here our article on Quebec politicians who are wearing Nathon Kong’s silk face masks.

You can find the face mask François Legault wore here. The art is by Les Impatients member Willy Beauvais. 

Nathon Kong Silk Face Mask, a Unique Piece of Art Made in Québec. 

Discover our collection of luxury mulberry silk face masks with art by the artists of Les Impatients. Each face mask is reusable and made with two layers of premium fabric for the best filtration while also remaining light and breathable. 

The masks are made in Montréal by local seamstresses. Your order will be shipped in two days.


Where to Buy Breathable Silk Face Mask made in Canada | Nathon Kong

When you wear Nathon Kong, you wear a piece of art, support the local economy, and Montreal artists.

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