The 3 Best Rules for Matching Silk Designer Ties with Suits

Picking out the right necktie to wear with your suit can be challenging. It is a small article, yet a tie is the center piece of your outfit. This gets trickier if you have a custom or designer tie with a printed pattern and multiple colours.

Silk Necktie Guitar with Pattern | Nathon Kong

If you're have you'e having trouble picking out a tie to go with your suit, try  applying these 3 rules for matching designer ties with you suit.

Match the Colours of Your Suit, Shirt, and Ties

Matching the colour of your tie to your suit is a lot easier than you might think. Most suits are a neutral colour like grey, navy blue, or charcoal black. These colours match with virtually any tie colour. If you have a more colourful suit, then match it with a tie of a contrasting colour, that is, on the opposite end of the traditional colour wheel. This allows your outfit to stand out without looking out of place.

Color Wheel for Matching a Shirt with a Tie | Suit with Tie | Nathon Kong

We have an article on that goes into more detail on how to add a fashion accessory to your outfit here.

To get the most out of your designer ties, you'll want to consider the shade of your tie. Wear a tie that is darker than your shirt. When you match your tie with your suit and pants, the tie should be either the same tone of the suit or lighter. 

Wear the Best Fabric for Men's Neckties

Silk Necktie with a Matching Silk Suit | Nathon Kong

The suit you decide to wear will depend on what the occasion is. In that same vein, the tie you choose to wear should match the suit your wearing and the occasion you are wearing it for.

Silk ties are the most formal neckties you can wear. They should be worn with nice dress suits. Silk is also the lightest fabric ties are made of, making them ideal for the spring and summer.

Wool, cotton, or linen ties aren't as shiny as silk ties, and you'll wear them for less formal occasions.

How to Wear a Tie with a Pattern

Abstract Silk Necktie | Nathon Kong

Many designer ties have a printed pattern. If you want to wear a designer tie with your suit that you should avoid adding other patters to your outfit. Instead wear solid colours with your tie. This will draw attention to your luxury tie as it will be the most interesting aspect of your outfit.

Wear a Piece of Art for Your Next Special Occasion

Silk Designer Ties Artwork | Men's Fashion Accessories | Nathon Kong

Buy a men's silk necktie with original artwork here. Each artwork was created by members of a local non-profit organization called Les Impatients. Les Impatients supports artists diagnosed with a mental health issue. They run therapeutic art programs and shows to help these artists recover through the creation of art.

Collection of Luxury Silk Ties and Neckties with original designs | Canada Tailor Nathon Kong

All of our art pieces are made from mulberry silk and are shipped in exclusive gift boxes with a certificate of authenticity. The certificate tells the story of the artist behind the artwork you are wearing.

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