Is Silk the Best Fabric for Breathable Face Masks?

During the COVID-19 pandemic, it seems new studies and advice come out every day about which material is the best for cloth face masks. Many face masks are made from cotton, but a recent study shows that silk is a better choice.

Where to Buy Protective Silk Face Mask | Nathon Kong

Why Silk is the Best Fabric for Face Masks

One of the most important qualities of silk in a face mask is that it is a light, breathable material. This means that breath filters through the fabric instead of going around the edges of the mask, making the mask more effective and breathing easier.

Breathable Patterned Silk Face Mask Made in Quebec | Nathon Kong

Silk also doesn't absorb moisture. This keeps the mask comfortable, especially in hot summer days. This also makes the mask more protective as it prevents airborne water particles from passing through the mask while you inhale or exhale. 

Watch our review with Doctor Sébastien Préville-Ratelle on what you need to know to choose a washable and breathable face mask.

You can read more about the benefits of combining silk and cotton in face masks here. And be sure to read our interview with Quebec Doctor Sébastien Préville-Ratelle here.

Protective Pink Silk Face Mask with Art by Quebec Artist | Nathon Kong

Breathable Silk Face Masks Made in Quebec

Buy a breathable silk face mask here. They are 100% made in Quebec, from the seamstresses who sew them to the artists who artworks are incorporated.

The artworks are made by Quebec artists who are member of Les Impatients. Les Impatients organizes art classes as a form of therapeutic program for those with a diagnosed mental health issues. 10% of all proceeds made from the sale of the masks are donated to Les Impatients so that they can continue to support these local Quebec artists.

Breathable Pink Silk Face Mask with Printed Design Made in Quebec | Nathon Kong

The masks are sewn by local Quebec seamstresses who are a part of the Nathon Kong Angel Network. The Angel network allows seamstresses to work from home during the COVID-19 pandemic for as many hours as they would like.

When you wear Nathon Kong, you support mental health awareness and local artisanry.

Where to Buy Breathable Face Masks Made out of Silk | Nathon Kong

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