3 Suit Combinations You Wear to Weddings

Unsure what combination of suit, shirt, and accessory you should wear to a wedding?

We did an article a few weeks ago on what you should not wear to a wedding, but if you are looking for more direct suggestions on what suit combinations are good to wear for weddings, then here are a few suggestions.

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1. The Black Tie

Perhaps the most formal suit combination for weddings is what is referred to as a Black Tie outfit. This is a very straight forward combination that utilizes four major pieces: a black tie or bow tie, a white shirt, a black tuxedo, and black leather shoes. You may also want to consider wearing a white pocket square folded with a square edge.

The Black Tie suit combination is the simplest outfit to wear to a wedding, but not the most common. It is mostly worn to particularly special wedding events or for evening weddings.

2. Dark Suit Combination

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A dark suit combination offers a little more room for creativity than a black tie outfit.

This is a less formal but more common version of the black tie outfit to see at a wedding. This suit combination doesn't need to be a tuxedo. Wearing any dark suit, from deep blue to grey, is acceptable. You should still wear a white shirt, but the tie you wear can be any colour that goes well with your suit.

3. Bold Colours, Patterns, & Creative Ties

Wearing a less traditional suit combination to a wedding is growing in popularity. Suits that are green, red, or even sporting a checkered or floral patterns are all appropriate choices.

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Bold outfits are rising as popular suit combinations for weddings

This style of suit combination also allows for a greater flexibility in the kind of accessories you wear to a wedding. You can wear a tie or bow tie with and interesting pattern, a pocket square folded in a decorative way, or you can even wear a silk scarf in place of a necktie.

These bolder suit combinations are likely to help you stand out at a wedding, and Nathon Kong provides limited edition silk fashion accessories where each creative pattern tells the story of a person's journey to mental health recovery.

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Each accessory tells a positive story.

Nathon Kong collaborates with Les Impatients, a nonprofit organization that supports participants with mental health difficulties through therapeutic art programs. Each pattern on a Nathon Kong silk fashion accessory is of an artwork created at these workshops. We donate 10% of all proceeds to Les Impatients so that they can continue support these artists.

Each fashion accessory comes in a unique gift box with a certificat of authenticity that details the edition number of the art piece and the story of the artist who created it.

Discover the collection of limited edition silk fashion accessories.

10% of all proceeds are donated to nonprofit organizations supporting mental health and local artists.

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