The Complete Guide to Caring for Your Bespoke Suit

So, you have a new bespoke suit. Or maybe you want to store it until another occasion. How do you care for a bespoke suit so it keeps its pristine look for longer?

This will be a complete check list and step by step guide to caring for your bespoke suit. Here, we will explain the best techniques for storing and cleaning your suit.

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1. How to Hang a Bespoke Suit

You will usually want to hang your bespoke suit on a long, wooden hanger. This takes care of the shoulder pads, ensuring that the shoulders of the suit are laying on a solid surface to keep the shoulder pads from developing divots. Using a wooden hanger can absorb moister and save the suit from accumulating odours.

It is important that you empty the pockets of both your bespoke pants and jacket to keep the suit from creasing in those areas.

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When you hang the bespoke pants of your suit, take care that both pant legs are both straight and that both the front and back creases are kept sharp. Then you will want to fold the pants in half and slide them through the hanger so they hang from the middle of the pants. Make sure that the pants hang neatly so as not to create creases along the pant leg.

Hanging the jacket of your bespoke suit follows the same principles. Take care that the top of the shoulders of your suit are on the hanger completely and that the front and the back of the suit are smooth.

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Here is how you hang a bespoke suit

Try to keep some space between your bespoke suit and the other clothes in your closet. This will keep your other clothes from brushing your suit and wrinkling it and will keep the suit from accumulating any odours other cloths may have.

2. How to Brush Your Suit

Regularly brushing your suit is an important step to bespoke suit care as it keep the suit from accumulating moisture or dust. You should brush your suit after every time you wear it.

Whether you use a brush made from animal hair or of a synthetic material is up to you, but the bristles should be soft. Try to use a brush that is used exclusively for taking care of your bespoke suit. 

To brush your bespoke suit with care, hang it on a coat hanger and keep the jacket unbuttoned. Then brush gently in a downward motion. Start with the lapels, then move to the neck (don't forget to brush under the collar :)). Then move to the seams of the suit, brushing from the seam and moving downwards on both sides.

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Hang your suit to brush it

When it comes to caring for the sleeve of your bespoke suit, hold one sleeve by the cuff until the sleeve is taut. Start from the shoulder seam, and always brush down. Then move on to the other sleeve.

You may also use a lint roller to take care of excess lint on your bespoke suit. To use a lint roller properly, follow the instructions above as if you were brushing the suit.

3. Don't Take Your Suit to the Dry Cleaner's

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Well, that might be a little extreme. If you've aired out your suit for a day and it still has an odd smell, the best way to take care of the bespoke suit is to take it to a dry cleaner.

Be aware that dry cleaner's clean fabrics with chemicals that, while effective at cleaning, can also damage the fabric of the bespoke suit. Every trip to the dry cleaner's chews away at the lifespan of the suit. In this counterintuitive way, you take better care of your suit by not taking it to the dry cleaner.

4. Get Wrinkles Out of Your Suit Fast

Can You Get Wrinkles Out of a Suit | Fashion Designer Nathon Kong

Here is how you get wrinkles out of a suit

If wrinkles appear on your bespoke suit, you can take care of them fast by hand steaming them.

You should avoid ironing your suits. The intense heat of an iron can make it easy to damage your suit. Steam is a better method of taking care of your bespoke suit as it is more delicate and removes wrinkles fast.

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To steam your bespoke suit with care, you will need a hand held fabric steamer. Beginning with the pants, hold both legs by the cuff a brush downwards with the fabric steamer, as you would if you were brushing the suit. Once you are done with the outside half of the pant leg, let go of one of the pant legs and do the inside of the pants. Then turn the pants around and do the other side.

Take care not to damage your bespoke suit by holding the fabric steamer to one area for too long. We recommend starting with the right sleeve, moving across the front to the left sleeve, and then steaming the back of the suit.

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Caring for your suit keeps it looking nice

Properly taking care of your bespoke suit is key to keeping it looking nice for a long time. Your suit is your armour, representing your professionalism and what you care about.

Nathon Kong wants to help you express what is important to you through what you wear. That is why we incorporate the artworks of people with mental health difficulties into the lining of each suit. Each artwork tells the story of a person's journey to mental health recovery.

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Each art piece tells a story

We collaborate with Les Impatients, a nonprofit organization that supports artists with mental health difficulties through therapeutic art programs. 10% of all proceeds are donated to Les Impatients so that they can continue to support local artists.

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10% of your purchases are donated to nonprofit organizations supporting mental health and local artists

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