3 Ways to Fold a Silk Wedding Pocket Square with Your Suit

Have you ever noticed how during weddings people wear pocket squares differently with suits? Some pocket squares are folded flat and just poke out of a suit's breast pocket. Other pocket squares seem to bloom out of a suit. These different pocket square styles are achieved through different ways of folding the pocket square and tucking it into suits. Try these steps to achieve the desired look for your pocket square.

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4 Steps to Folding a Square Fold with a Silk Pocket Square

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This pocket square fold is the easiest of folds, creating a single band of fabric on your suit. It is often used for very formal events like weddings. 

1. Lay the pocket square flat on a clean surface. 

2. Fold the pocket square vertically.

3. Fold the bottom end of the pocket square, having it come about half an inch short of the top of the folded pocket square.

4. Tuck the folded pocket square into your suit's breast pocket. Adjust it to create a smooth line of fabric.

5 Steps to Folding a Two Point Fold with a Silk Pocket Square

Two Point Fold Blue Silk Pocket Square Made in Québec | Nathon Kong

A two point fold is a fancy way to fold a pocket square and is popular for weddings and other formal events.

1. Lay the pocket square flat on a clean surface. 

2. Fold the pocket diagonally but slightly off center so that one corner is to the left of the other.

3. At the base of the pocket square, fold one corner inwards, roughly the same size as the width of your suit's breast pocket.

4. Fold the other corner over the fold you made in step 3. The base of your pocket square should now be about the same width as your suit's breast pocket.

5. Tuck the horizontal end of the pocket square into your suit's breast pocket until the vertical edges of the pocket square are completely hidden. The pocket square should look like a triangle with off center points.

6 Steps to Folding a Dunaway Fold with a Silk Pocket Square

 Green Dunaway Fold Silk Pocket Squares with suit | Nathon Kong

This simple fold creates a puffy look to your pocket square. The end result looks like a flower blooming out of your suit, especially when you use a colourful silk pocket square with designs. The Dunaway fold is an excellent pocket square fold for weddings.

1. Lay the pocket square flat on a clean surface.

2. Pinch the center of the pocket square. Lift the pocket square up so that the corners and edges hang evenly on either side.

3. Still pinching the center of the pocket square, gently tug the edge of the folded pocket square down with your other hand. This should create a tube-like shape. 

4. Turn the pocket square around and loosen the edges of the fold so that they are relatively even.

5. Fold the center of the pocket square about halfway up the tube shape. 

6. Tuck the pocket square into your suit pocket so that only the the edges of the pocket square are seen. Adjust the points as you wish.

Unique Silk Pocket Squares That Support Mental Health

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The design of Nathon Kong silk pocket squares incorporates art made by artists with mental health troubles. These art pieces tell their story of mental health recovery with Les Impatients, a nonprofit organization that holds therapeutic art classes for those those with a diagnosed mental health difficulty. Went you buy a silk pocket square, we give 10% of your purchases back to Les Impatients so that they can continue to support these Montreal artists.

Silk pocket squares are made in limited edition (only 100 of each design). They are sent in a luxury gift box with a certificate of authenticity telling the story of the artist that created the art of your silk pocket square. 

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