Your Guide to Luxury Silk Pocket Squares with Suits

Ties and bow ties can add a lot to your overall outfit, but nothing stands out on a bespoke suit like a pocket square. Pocket squares may be confused for handkerchiefs, but pocket squares are specially made to go with your suit on a formal occasion. Here is some advice to explain what a pocket square is used for and how to chose a pocket square that goes with your outfit.

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A pocket square is a rectangle of cloth that is tucked into the breast pockets of suits. While it might look like a handkerchief, a handkerchief functions more as a reusable tissu. The purpose of a pocket square is to add flair to a suit. A peak of colour and fabric breaks up the monotony and monochrome design of most suits. 

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Matching a Pocket Square with a Tie or Bow Tie

A good pocket square should compliment your shirt or tie by matching them or by very closely matching them. If you don't have a tie or a shirt that matches you pocket square perfectly, then chose a pocket square whose primary colour matches the secondary colour of your shirt or tie.

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What Makes a Good Silk Pocket Square

Silk pocket squares should be big, at least 40cm x 40cm. Mulberry silk is a beautiful, shiny, and smooth material. Pocket squares made of silk can slip and disappear into a pocket if it is too small.

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Buy a Silk Pocket Square For Your Suit that Tells Your Story

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Nathon Kong's mulberry silk pocket squares incorporates artworks made by members of Les Impatients. Les Impatients is a non-profit organization that hold art classes as a therapeutic art program for artists suffering from a mental health issue. The artworks they create tells their story of recovery.

10% of your purchase is given to Les Impatients so that they can continue to support artists with mental health troubles. When you wear Nathon Kong, you carry the story of these artists with you and raise awareness for mental health.

Each pocket square is made in limited edition and comes numbered with a certificate of authenticity.

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