5 Easy Steps to Tying a Self-Tie Bow Tie

While many bow ties and pre-tied, some people prefer self-tie bow ties for their unique character or the look of a bow tie that is more asymmetrical than a perfect pre-tied bow tie. Knowing how to tie a self-tie bow tie can also be a unique skill to have.

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Here are the 5 steps to tying a self-tie bow tie.

How to Tie a Self-Tie Bow Tie

Michel de la Chenelière White and Pink Silk Bow Tie with Suit | Nathon Kong

Michel de la Chenelière, Canadian Businessperson, philanthropist, and Nathon Kong Ambassador

1. Drap the self-tie bow tie around your neck. Have one end be about one inch or one inch and a half longer than the other.

2. Bring the long end of the bow-tie over the short end and bring the long end up through the neck loop. 

3. Form the face of the bow tie from the shorter end, holding it horizontally across the collar. This will create the shape of the bow tie.

4. Bring the longer end of the bow tie over the center of the bow and fold the two sides of the bow over the long end, towards the center.

5. Fold the longer end of the bow tie in half and feed it through the small loop in the back. Be careful not to pull the whole end of the bow tie through the loop or the bow tie will come undone.

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How You Can Make a Bow Tie Tighter. 

To make the self-tie bow tie tighter, pull on the loops of the bow tie. If you want to make the knot looser, pull on the ends of the bow tie. You may have to alternate between tightening a loosening the bow tie until it is comfortable and looks almost even on both sides.

Unique Self-Tie Bow Ties that Supports Mental Health

Unique Green Silk Self-Tie Bow Tie Made in Quebec | Nathon Kong

The unique patterns of Nathon Kong silk bow ties were created by artists with mental health troubles. We collaborate with Les Impatients, a nonprofit organization that organizes therapeutic art programs for those with a diagnosed mental health problem. 10% of your purchases from Nathon Kong will go to Les Impatients community so that they can continue to support these Montreal artists.

Each bow tie is an art piece made in limited edition, only 100 of each pattern. They come numbered with a certificate of authenticity that details the story of the artist who created the design of your bow tie.

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