Where you can Find the Best Bespoke Suit Experience in Montreal

Nathon Kong founded the Nathon Kong brand to create the best bespoke experience possible to satisfy our client's needs. Whether you are seeking to avoid a poor experience you had or you want to find the absolute best bespoke suit for a special occasion, here is an overview of the Nathon Kong experience in Montreal.

Where to Book a Tailor-Made Suit Appointment in Montreal Online | Nathon Kong
Absolutely amazing service and a top quality product. Nathon helped me choose the material, liner, cut, style and every other little detail of the suit I would wear for my wedding. It turned out impeccably and for much less than a suit of equal quality would have cost me elsewhere.
-Andrew Laramee

Act I: Design Your Personalized Custom Suit 

Tailor for Bespoke Suits in Montreal | Nathon Kong

Your bespoke experience begins when you receive an invitation to visit us in our private showroom in the heart of Montreal city, in Place-des-Art. Then Nathon will meet with you to discuss the fabric and artwork you would like to have incorporated into your wedding suit, offering the best Italian fabrics available for bespoke suits. Nathon will also ask about the occasion the suit is for and what you want from this bespoke suit during the experience.

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Bespoke Suits that Celebrate Art and Mental Health Awareness

We want your wedding suit to be more than a luxury experience and fashionable piece of clothing. We want your suit to tell a story and add value to the community. The unique linings of bespoke suits incorporates artworks by Montreal artists with a mental health troubles. Your bespoke wedding suit tells the story of an artist's journey to mental health recovery.

Nathon Kong Unique Wedding Suit Lining Art Made in Montreal | Nathon Kong

10% of your bespoke suit purchase is donated to Les Impatients, a local non-profit organization in Montreal that hold therapeutic art workshops for artists with mental health difficulties.

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Where to Find Bespoke Tailor Near Me | Book Online | Nathon Kong

Act II: Taking Measurements for Men's Bespoke Suit

This part of bespoke suit experience is actually the fastest. At Nathon Kong, we use a full body scanner to take 450 measurements in 5-15 seconds. The body scanner is the best way of taking accurate measurements for a bespoke suit and you may find it more comfortable than traditional ways of taking measurements. 

How to Take Men's Bespoke Suit Measurements | Nathon Kong

I ordered a custom made suit for my wedding, and was so impressed with the fit and quality that I ordered a dress shirt as well. It was my first time ever buying a custom made suit and the process with Nathon Kong was surprisingly simple and easy. I definitely recommend Nathon and his team, the experience was a pleasure, and they were always professional and friendly.

-Patrick James

Act III: First Fitting and Bespoke Suit Alterations

4 to 6 weeks after your first visit to our showroom, your bespoke suit will be ready. The next step in your bespoke experience will be to come into the show room and try on your bespoke suit for a first fitting. Most of the time, this will be the final phase in in your bespoke suit experience. Sometimes we will find small adjustments that need to be made to get the suit just right. Once these adjustments are made, you will come back for a final fitting and find your bespoke suit fits perfectly for your wedding.

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The fitting experience was simply from another world, and he somehow knew exactly what I wanted even though I had no experience with fittings and I could barely articulate what I wanted. I needed the suit in a borderline unrealistic time span, and he made it happen. I am a power lifter, and my irregular body type doesn’t fit well in suits. The one he made for me fit me perfectly. Everyone at the gala couldn’t stop complimenting me on my suit. There is no place I’d rather go. Absolutely recommended!
-Ryan Lincoln


Where to Book an Appointment For Bespoke Suit Tailor | Nathon Kong

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