7 Protective Silk Face Masks Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas in 2020 is bound to be... different. At Nathon Kong, the purpose for our collection of protective limited edition silk face masks is to tell a story that resonates with the wearer and are sure to be appreciated as a thoughtful gift ideas by your loved ones.

Where to Buy Washable Silk Face Masks Online Canada | Nathon Kong

Protective Silk Face Masks that Support the Community

Nathon Kong creates art pieces that add value to the community and that tells a story our customers can have an emotional connection to. 

The artists of Nathon Kong's protective silk face masks are members of Les Impatients, a nonprofit organization that holds art classes for people with a mental health trouble. Silk face masks are sewn locally by seamstresses who are part of Nathon Kong's Angel network. Our Angels are vulnerable to corona virus and have lost their jobs during the pandemic. They work safely from their homes and are paid more than the average rate. When you purchase a Nathon Kong silk face mask, you encourage local business and 10% of your purchases are given back to Les Impatient so that they can continue to help those with a mental health problem through art therapy. Thanks to the support of our customers, we have raised more than $50,000 towards the cause of mental health awareness.

Where to Buy Luxury Silk Face Masks in Quebec | Nathon Kong

Silk Face Mask Art by Willy Beauvais

Luxury Blue Silk Face Mask Made in Quebec | Nathon Kong

This blue silk face mask was designed by Montreal artist Willy Beauvais. Willy's artworks often incorporate blue and green colours that give his art an air of mystery.

Silk Face Mask Art by Bill Market 1

Luxury Yellow Silk Face Masks with Landscape Made in Quebec | Nathon Kong

This landscape by Bill Market creates a multicoloured silk face mask that has Christmas themed colours like green and red mixed with yellow and black to create a unique pattern. Bill makes his quilts on a special paper he invented. He creates his artworks by sketching a complex system of geometric lines and colouring in between them to create unique psychedelic gems.

Silk Face Mask Art by Bill Market 2

Fashionable Green and Blue Silk Face Mask Made in Montreal | Nathon Kong
Another multicoloured protective silk face mask incorporating a landscape artwork by Bill Market. This is probably the most dynamic pattern of these gift ideas, with prominent Christmas colours like green, red, and blue.

Silk Face Mask Art by Sergio Larenas 1

Luxury Pink Silk Face Mask Made in Quebec | Nathon Kong
With a colourful abstract art work by Sergio Larenas, this unisex pink and blue silk face mask will remind you of spring during the Christmas months. Sergio describes his paintings as fragmented and sometimes hides writing in between paint drops. Its predominant colours of pink and blue might make this gift idea especially appropriate for a woman in your life.

Silk Face Mask Art by Sergio Larenas 2

White and Red Luxury Silk Face Mask with Abstract Art Made in Canada | Nathon Kong
The second abstract artwork by Sergio Larenas creates a mostly white, red, and green protective silk face mask. This Christmas themed silk face mask is bound to be a great gift idea for someone's holiday style.

Silk Face Mask Art by Pierre Ostiguy

Luxury Pink Silk Face Masks Made in Quebec | Nathon Kong
This breathable pink silk face mask by Pierre Ostiguy is a lovely Christmas gift idea for women in search of a protective face mask. Pierre's art reflected his mental state and the turbulence he lived through in his life.

Silk Face Mask Art by Francois Ducas

Reusable Blue Silk Face Mask Made in Canada | Nathon Kong
Know someone who is into guitars? This reusable blue silk face mask made in Montreal featuring artwork by Francois Ducas is a Christmas gift idea they will love. Francois's work often incorporates punk and themes of rebellion.

Nathon Kong E-Gift Card

E-Gift Card Ideas | Luxury Silk Fashion Accessories | Nathon Kong

Think you know someone who would love one of these Nathon Kong protective silk face masks, but have no idea which art piece they would like best? Consider getting them a Nathon Kong e-gift card this Christmas so that they can pick out a mask they love. The $65 option will allow them to purchase a mask and a unique gift box to ship it in. 

Silk Fashion Accessories Christmas Gift Bundles

Christmas Gift Set | Pink Silk Necktie, Silk Face Mask, and Silk Pocket Square | Nathon Kong

Many of the artworks incorporated with the protective silk face masks above are also printed on other art pieces like scarves and neckties. Click here to discover our collection of matching fashion accessories and Christmas gift sets

Matching Luxury Silk Fashion Accessories | Nathon Kong

Gift Boxes for Silk Fashion Accessories

Protective silk face masks are made in limited edition and are sent in a golden envelope. Orders of 5 or more masks come in unique gift boxes. Each face mask comes with a certificate of authenticity describing the face mask's edition number and the story of the artists who created the artwork on the mask.
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