3 Christmas Gift Bow Ties with Designs for Men

Bow ties are everywhere during the holiday season. What better Christmas gift could you get for a man than a silk bow tie with a unique colourful design?

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Silk Self-Tie Bow Tie Art by Bill Market

Green Silk Designer Self Tie Bow Tie with Unique Designs Made in Canada | Nathon Kong
A creative Christmas gift idea for creative people, this silk self tie bow tie incorporates designs by the artist Bill Market. William (Bill) Market spent more than 40 years in a mental institution before finally being released at the age of 65. He draws psychedelic landscapes which remind him of western Canada, representing the power of nature and freedom.

Silk Bow Tie Art by Bill Market

Green and Yellow Silk Bow Ties For Men with Design | Nathon Kong
Another silk bow tie with a geometric design by Bill Market. This bow tie features Christmas colours like green and red prominently. The inclusion of yellows and blues makes these colours stand out all the more.

Silk Bow Tie Art by Sergio Larenas

Patterned Pink Bow Tie Made in Canada | Nathon Kong

Michel de la Chenelière, Canadian Businessperson, philanthropist, and Nathon Kong Ambassador

This silk bow tie with an abstract design incorporates the artwork of Sergio Larenas. Larenas was born in Chile and moved to Montreal. He makes what he calls fragmented artworks using his favorite colours like red and yellow. The warm colours of this gift idea are sure to remind men of spring during the Christmas season.

Matching Silk Fashion Accessories and Bundles

Green Self Tie Bow Tie with Matching Silk Face Mask | Nathon Kong
Many of our silk bow ties incorporate the same designs as other silk fashion accessories for men. Click here and discover our collection of matching silk fashion accessories and Christmas gift ideas.

Silk Bow Ties that Tell a Story

Nathon Kong creates wearable art pieces which our customers connect to through the stories they tell. Our collection of silk bow ties for men incorporates art by artists with a mental health trouble telling their story of mental health recovery. They are members of a nonprofit organization Nathon Kong collaborates with called Les Impatients. Les Impatients supports these artists with therapeutic art classes so that they can heal through art.

Unique Pink Silk Bow Tie Made in Montreal | Nathon Kong

Each patterned silk bow tie is made in limited edition (only 100 of each design). They are sent in unique gift boxes with a certificate of authenticity. The certificate has the edition number and the tells the story of the artist behind the art piece.

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