3 Thoughtful Gift Ideas from Nathon Kong

We are sure that you have had moments where you opened a birthday or Christmas gift that you found to be thoughtful. These are the gifts we all want to give to our loved ones.

Breathable Pink Silk Face Mask Birthday Gift Idea For Her | Nathon Kong

At Nathon Kong, we strive to create thoughtful artworks that you can wear. Each idea incorporates the art of an artist recovering from a mental health difficulty. We collaborate with Les Impatients, which is a nonprofit organization that runs therapeutic art classes for people with a diagnosed mental health trouble. We select artworks that we find represents the artist's journey to mental health recovery and transform them into wearable art pieces. 10% of the profits made from your gift are given back to Les Impatients.

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Green Silk Fashion Scarves Christmas Gift Made in Canada | Nathon Kong

Discover thoughtful gift ideas for him and her that give back to the community and tell the stories of artists recovering from a mental health trouble.

Silk Designer Scarves

Pink Silk Designer Scarf Birthday Gift Idea | Nathon Kong

silk designer scarf is a thoughtful gift idea for either a man and woman. They go well with dresses, t-shirts, tank tops, and suits. You will often find silk scarves coming into fashion during spring and summer due to how light and comfortable they are.

Where to Buy Designer Silk Scarves Online | Nathon Kong

Fashionable Silk Face Masks

Protective Silk Face Mask Gift Ideas Made in Montreal | Nathon Kong

You may find that silk face masks are the new fashion item in 2020 and 2021. A fashionable mulberry silk face mask supporting mental health would make a thoughtful gift idea for a man or woman.

Where to Buy Luxury Silk Face Masks Online | Nathon Kong

Nathon Kong E-Gift Cards

Luxury Fashion Accessories Gift Card | Nathon Kong 

Do you think someone you know would find a Nathon Kong silk art piece a wonderful gift, but you have no idea which art work to get them? Then consider giving them an e-gift card so that they can select their favorite silk fashion accessory.

Discover Limited Edition Silk Art Pieces 

Limited Edition Gift Box Ideas for Silk Fashion Accessories | Nathon Kong

Silk fashion accessories are thoughtfully packed and shipped in luxury gift boxes with a certificate of authenticity. Single face masks come in a golden envelope. On the certificate you will find the edition number of the art piece and the story of the artist who created the original art work which you share with the recipient of your gift. 

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