5 Necessities to Make a Great Custom Suit

Bespoke suits are often considered the highest quality suit a man can have. Why is that? And what makes a custom suit so great as to be regarded as so high quality?

Bespoke Suit in Montreal | Fashion Designer Nathon Kong

What makes custom suits high quality?

Both of those questions are about to be answered. Here is everything that makes for a great custom suit for men.

1. The "Custom" of Custom Suits

The major advantage of truly bespoke suits is that the suit is made to... well... suit you.

When men get a custom suit, they get a suit made to their specifications. At Nathon Kong, Nathon takes time to get to know a client on a personal level. He gives recommendations on fabrics and suit designs depending on the client's needs.

Tailor Made Suit in Montreal | Fashion Designer Nathon Kong

Much of the tailoring experience is discovering the needs of the client.

Nathon is an expert on lifestyle and fashion related to a man's lifestyle. If you are need of a suit for a wedding, work, everyday life, or maybe all three, book an appointment with Nathon Kong and get advice to suit your needs.


Where to Buy a Men's Custom Suit Online | Designer Nathon Kong 

2. A Good Tailor

This goes beyond just having a tailor that is very skilled in the art of making custom suits (which is also absolutely necessary for a great bespoke suit). A good tailor will also have excellent people skills.

A tailor needs to be able to anticipate what a man needs from a custom suit base on the conversations the tailor and the client have. A tailor needs to ask the right question, all while being respectful of boundaries. Sometimes, a good tailor will be able to infer information about a client without needing to be told explicitly.

3. Fabric that Suits You

Fabric of Men's Tailors | Fashion Designer Nathon Kong

Great fabric literally makes a great custom suit

The fabric used to make a custom suit can be the most important aspect of a suit. What men use a suit for will determine what fabric they will want a suit to be made of.

For example, if a man wants a suit you can wear in the summer, they will want a suit made with a light fabric. One of the major advantages of getting a custom suit is you get to choose the fabric you need.

4. Superior Fit

Bespoke Suit for Men | Fashion Designer Nathon Kong

Bespoke suits will fit you in a way no other clothing can (Photo Credit: Ophélie Boisvert).

Of course, much of the tailoring process is taking hundreds of measurements to make sure your bespoke suit fits you perfectly. At Nathon Kong, we can take almost all of these measurements pretty much instantly with full 3D body scanning technology. Much care is taken to make sure a suit fits you perfectly, and it's one of the reasons why custom suits are great for menswear. 

5. Exclusive Custom Lining

This might be cheating, since this is an option that is really only offered by us.

At Nathon Kong, clients can customize their suit further with custom suit linings inspired by exclusive artworks. Each artwork is created by a participant of a non-profit organization: Les Impatients.

Les Impatients Artists | Fashion Designer Nathon Kong

Les Impatients art workshop

Les Impatients holds therapeutic art classes to supports people with mental health troubles and guide participants to mental wellness. So, when you wear an artwork with your suit, you wear a person's story of mental health healing.

You also support mental health organizations like Les Impatients, as 10% present of all Nathon Kong's proceeds are donated to Les Impatients and other non-profits we collaborate with.

When you make your custom suit, you tell your story and the story of others.

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