2 Key Differences Between Formal & Wedding Suits for Men

Are you thinking you can save a trip to a tailor by wearing your formal business suit to a wedding? It may very well be possible that your business suit is sufficient to wear as a groom or groomsman, but be sure your suit meets these few criteria before you go.

As an expert on fashion and lifestyle, especially when it comes wedding suits, Nathon Kong spends time getting to know his clients on a personal level so he can best advise them on suit styles for men and fabrics that best serve their needs. Book an appointment with Nathon Kong and craft the suit that speaks to your heart.

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1. Colours

The colour of the typical wedding suit or tuxedo for men can vary from those of formal menswear. A lot of grooms or groomsmen outfits are in dark colours, ranging from black to grey and even navy blue. Some tuxedos might go in the complete opposite direction, as far as a completely white tuxedo jacket.

Men's formal outfits can also be in the colours used for wedding suits, but also tend to branch out into other options, including shades of brown or dark green.

2. Fabrics

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There are subtle differences in the fabric used in formal & wedding suits.

The fabrics of any suit for men can be varied. You'll find, like with colour, there is a lot of overlap with what suitings are used in wedding suits and formal suits, with the list being perhaps more limited for grooms or groomsman's suits.

Wedding suits for men tend to be made of wool or silk, depending on the season (wool is more popular for grooms and groomsmen in the winter, while silk is a popular summer choice). To go into a little more detail, a key difference between a suit and a tuxedo is that tuxedos will often incorporate strips of satin.

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Wedding suits & formal suits are made out of almost the same fabric with one key difference (Photo Credit: Ophélie Boisvert)

Similarly, many formal suits also use silk or wool, but can also include thicker weaves and stitches than wedding suits to create patterns such as tweed. Formal suits may also use a blend of natural or synthetic fabric, which is not seen as often in wedding suits for men.

What is the Right Suit for You?

From colours to fabrics, what you choose to have in a suit is entirely dependent on what you want it for. A piece of formal menswear you can wear to work, or an outfit everyone notices at your wedding?

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Formal & wedding suits aren't just about how good you look. It is also important how you feel wearing a suit.

But at Nathon Kong, fashion is more than just looking good. It is also about feeling good in what you wear.

We incorporate the art of Les Impatients, a non-profit organization that supports people with mental health troubles through therapeutic art programs, into the lining of our suits and fashion accessories. 10% of all proceeds are donated to Les Impatients, and your suit carries a story of mental health recovery as told through art.

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