Your Guide to Business Suits & Attire for Men

Like they say: appearances matter.

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What a man wears to work often influences how they feel at work. When men wear a business suit they feel confident in while at the office, that confidence transfers to how they tackle their day.

So, how can a man dress to be more professional at the office? There are a few common practices that work well for most men. This style of dressing is called business attire. In this article, you will discover how men wear business suits and business attire to bring their best to their work and their lives.

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Suits and neckties are all important parts to a man's business attire

First of all, you should know that a business suit and tie are indispensable to a man in business. While reading about how to wear this attire at the office, discover our collection of designer accessories that are sure to enhance your business suit. Also, be sure to book an appointment if you do not already have a bespoke suit for work.

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What is Business Attire vs. Business Casual?

We've talked before about business casual style for men. But how does it differ from regular office business attire?

Business attire is more formal than business casual. Business casual is meant to be a more laid back but professional style one wears to small offices, since employees aren't usually working with clients. However, when men wear business attire, it is usually because you deal with clients and need to portray a certain air of authority that comes with wearing a suit.

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Business attire is all about feeling as professional as you look

1. When You Should Wear a Business Suit

Not all jobs will require men to wear a business suit. There are certain jobs, such as those that take place in very conservative settings (offices), that will require employees to wear a suit.

These businesses either have a dress code at their office or has wearing a suit as part of its tradition. Whether a man's employer asks them to wear a suit or not, men should wear suits to these jobs.

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Men should wear a suit for certain jobs

It is common for men working in industries like accounting, financing, banking, business, government, and law, to wear tailor made suits. These are often jobs where men and women work in offices, so employees often wear suits to look their best for work.

2. The Colours of a Business Suit

It is important for a man not to wear anything too flashy when dressing for the office. The goal is to look nice while also keeping it simple. Business suits are usually dark in colour, ranging from dark gray to navy blue.

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The goal of wearing a business suit is to look professional and nice.

3. What do You Wear Under an Office Suit

What a man wears with a business suit is almost as important as the suit itself. The main points of focus are the shirt, the belt, the shoes, and the tie.

Men should wear button-down shirts under business suits. If the suit is a dark colour, the shirt should be light, ranging from white to light blue.

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Light coloured shirts are the way to go when wearing a business suit.

Men should definitely wear a belt with their office suit as well, preferably a thin one. Closed toed shoes are also a must for business attire, and preferably they are closed lace, Oxford shoes or slip-on loafers.

The necktie is so important to men's business attire, we wrote an entire article on choosing the best tie for work. Discover how to wear a tie with a business suit.

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Neckties play a huge role in business attire

Wear What You Feel Confident in

What suit a man wears for business is not just about how he looks. Often, how he feels about what he wears influences his mood and confidence.

At Nathon Kong, we want our clients to not only look good in the clothes they wear, but to feel an emotional connection while wearing their suit. All of our suits and accessories, from ties to scarves, incorporate an art piece that tells a person's story.

Custom Suit Lining Jacket | Fashion Designer Nathon Kong

Every art piece tells a story

Each artwork is created by a participant of Les Impatients, a non-profit organization that supports people with mental health difficulties through therapeutic art programs. 10% of all Nathon Kong's proceeds are donated to Les Impatients so they can continue to support their participants.

When you wear Nathon Kong, you wear the participant's journey to mental health recovery and raise awareness for mental health.

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