8 Famous Men Who Wore (and Wear) Unique Bow Ties

If you wear bow tiesyou are in something of a unique club, and in good company. Not everyone wears bow ties, even for special occasions. Those who do wear a bow tie as part of their everyday style tend to be people with a lot of self confidence. Here are a list of famous figures who wore bow ties.

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1. Charlie Chaplin

Charlie Chaplin Black Bow Tie | Fashion Designer Nathon Kong

Charlie Chaplin with his Black Bow Tie

You most certainly know this star of comedy during the silent film era. Charlie Chaplin's black bow tie became something of a symbol for the famous comedian and made the fashion accessory extremely popular.

2. Saul Bellow

Later in his life, the famous novelist from Montreal wore a bow tie. Saul Bellow notably wore a silk bow tie while accepting the Nobel Prize for literature.

3. William Clement Stone

William Clement Stone Bust | Fashion Designer Nathon Kong

Bust of William Clement Stone with Bow Tie (Photo Used by courtesy of Oaktree b)

This famous businessman, philanthropist, and author was a pretty big fan of bow ties, owning a collection of 250 unique bow ties. He once said bow tie wearers are "full of vim and vigor, [...] full of drive. They are the best salesmen and entrepreneurs."

4. Jim Rogers

Jim Rogers in Madrid with Bow Tie | Fashion Designer Nathon Kong

Jim Roger with his Patterned Bow Tie (Photo used by courtesy of FDV)

Jim Rogers is a famous American investor, economic commentator, and author. You will find him wearing a unique bow tie instead of a necktie in almost every one of his pictures.

5. Orville Redenbacher

If you have popcorn with your movie nights, you will probably be familiar with the face of the famous food scientist and businessman Orville Redenbacher, along with his unique red polka dot bow tie.

6. Robert Denning

Robert Denning Bow Tie | Fashion Designer Nathon Kong

Photograph of Robert Denning taken by D C McJonathan about 2002.

A famous interior designer, Robert Denning wore exclusively bow ties in the last fourteen years of his life.

7. Manolo Blahnik

Yes, that Manolo Blahnik. The famous Spanish designer of men's and women's shoes often sported a signature silk bow tie with polka dots.

8. Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill Bow Tie with Design | Fashion Designer Nathon Kong

Winston Churchill's Bow Tie Design

One of the most well-know prime ministers in English history, Winston Churchill was also a historian, painter, writer, and famous wearer of the polka dotted bow tie.

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