Your Guide to Wearing Fashionable Neckties with Patterns

You have a wedding coming up and are looking at your at your tie rack with as much anticipation as you would have for calling an upset customer. You do not know what kind of necktie knot you should wear, your selection is sparse, and when you put on a tie, you feel as if it is just a bit too long.

This is an avoidable experience, and this guide will give you the means of mastering the art of wearing neckties with patterns.

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Do Men Still Wear Neckties?

Neckties are a fashion accessory that rises and falls in popularity. Right now, ties are coming back into style. They are still a staple in men's formal attire, especially for weddings. Women, when dressing formally, have also started wearing neckties.

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Which Tie Knot is the Best For Weddings?

The best tie knot to wear for a wedding is one that is orderly, captivating, and decidedly formal. No knot stands up to the challenge as successfully as a Windsor knot.

8 Steps to Help You Tie a Windsor Knot

1. Cross the wide end of your necktie over the narrow end close to the collar.

2. Loop the wide end of the necktie up through the neck loop you have created.

3. Bring the wide end of the necktie underneath knot by looping it underneath the narrow end.

4. Feed the wide end of the necktie over the knot and through the neck loop.

5. Pull the wide end of the necktie over the front of the knot.

6. Bring the wide end of the necktie through the neck loop again.

7. Pull the wide end of the necktie down through the frontmost loop (the one you have created in steps 5 and 6).

8. Hold the narrow end of your necktie and pull the knot up to your collar.

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How Do You Tie Other Necktie Knots?

If you would like a more extensive guide to tying other necktie knots, be sure to read this article on how to tie necktie knots for silk neckties.

How Many Neckties Should You Have?

The general rule is the number of suits you own will determine the number of neckties you should have. You want to get as much millage as you can from the suits you have, and wearing different ties that go with that suit is one way to vary your outfit. For every suit you have, you should have at least three ties that go with that suit.

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How to Shorten Your Necktie

You can shorten your necktie by using more of your necktie when tying a knot. Wrap the tie one more time then you normally would, using the extra length of the tie to create a wider knot.

If the narrow end of your necktie is too long, you can tuck it into one of the spaces in between the buttons of the shirt you are wearing.

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Do You Have to Wear a Tie with a Suit?

Men's Silk Pink Fashion Scarf with Abstract Art Made in Canada | Nathon Kong

There are several different fashion accessories you can wear with a suit. Neckties are the most common, but you can also wear a silk scarf or, when appropriate, you can wear a bow tie.

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Neckties with Unique and Artistic Patterns

How to Wear a Necktie with a Pattern for Men | Nathon Kong

At Nathon Kong, we want you to have an emotional connection to what you wear by combining fashion with art and story.

Pink Silk Neckties with Abstract Artworks Made in Canada | Nathon Kong

The artworks incorporated with these limited edition silk neckties were created by artists struggling with their mental health. We collaborate with Les Impatients, a nonprofit organization that set these artists on a journey to healing through therapeutic art programs.

Les Impatients | Nathon Kong

We donate 10% of the proceeds from silk neckties and fashion accessories to Les Impatients so that they can continue to support local artists.

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Each silk fashion accessory comes in a unique gift box and with a certificate of authenticity detailing the story of the artists who created the artwork.

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