You Need to Wear a Suit When Going for These 10 Occasions

There are a lot of occasions when you are going to need to wear a suit. Some of them can happen infrequently, but there might be a few occasions in you daily life that you would never consider wearing a suit for before.

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You may not wear a suit while riding a bike. But have you considered wearing a suit to the occasions below?

When you aren't sure when you need to be wearing a suit, this guide will list out all the occasions where it would not only be an appropriate choice, it may even be necessary.

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1. Weddings. The Suit Dress Code for Men

Men absolutely need to wear a suit when they go to a wedding. Some women may also consider wearing a suit for a wedding.

Weddings are incredibly formal familial occasions. There may be some attending relatives that you haven't seen in years. There will defiantly be new in-laws that you may not have met before. You are going to want to look your best when attending a wedding by wearing a bespoke suit.

2. Dress for the Theater (Plays/Musicals/Live Orchestras/Operas)

When you are going to a fancy or expensive occasion that is performative, you definitely need to wear a suit. But you may even want to wear a suit for something that isn't super formal, like a son or daughter's school play or ballet. It is a night to be proud of. If you have a suit in your closet, it would be a good time to take it out.

3. Wear a Suit to an Award Ceremony

Award ceremonies can happen anywhere, so of course it won't be possible to wear a suit for every one of these occasions. For example, when you've just won the gold metal for the olympic decathlon, you may not have a suit handy (congratulations Damian Warner :)).

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But for many other occasions, when you know you will be winning an award, you will need to wear a suit. All eyes will be on you, so you will want to look good.

You may even need to wear a suit when you are only attending the occasion. And you never know. The awards committee may surprise you...

4. Wear a Suit for a Funeral

Unlike many of the occasions on this list, you don't wear a suit when there is a funeral to look good. This is a solemn occasion where you are saying goodbye to a loved one. Wearing a suit for a funeral is a sign of respect for the departed and those who are dealing with the loss.

5. Dress Suits for a Graduation

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When you are graduating, the dress code for graduates is business attire or dressy. You may not need to wear a suit's blazer for the ceremony, as you will probably be wearing the black robe and hat. If not, then you may want to bring a suit. Regardless, you may want to wear a suit for the afterparty.

When you are attending to this occasion, you may want to wear a suit to show your support for the person graduating.

6. Wearing a Suit for a Job Interview

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While the kind of suit you wear for a job interview can vary from job to job, you will probably need to wear a suit for every job interview you attend. You want to make the best impression you can when going for a job interview. Some jobs may require you to wear a suit for the job (more on that below :))

7. Dress for Dinner

When you are going to any sort of formal dinner or restaurant, you need to wear a suit. Wearing a suit to some of these occasions is considered an unspoken dress code. It is doubly important to wear a suit when you are going to the restaurant as part of a dinner date.

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You should wear a suit for dinner dates

8. Dress for a Media Interview

When you are going to any sort of media interview, you will need to wear a suit for the occasion. When the interview is being televised, you will be in front of hundreds, potentially thousands of people, and you will want to look your best.

Even when the interview is only being recorded to be published in a newspaper, journal, or magazine, you should do your best to make a good impression on the interviewer. They will be writing about you, after all. And hey, they could need a picture to publish with the piece, too. Wearing a suit is an easy way to be prepared for the interview.

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9. Company Dinners & Business Parties

You don't need to wear a suit for every company dinner or for every party you go to, but when your business is hosting a formal occasion, you may want to consider wearing a suit.

To help decide when you need to wear a suit to a particular business party, consider what is on the agenda for the occasion you're going to. Does your company have some sort of activity planned, like bowling? Then you probably shouldn't wear a suit. Is the party a discussion over dinner with shareholders? Then you probably should wear a suit.

10. Dressing as a Professor

When you teach a university class, you might want to consider wearing a suit for your classes, even if the suit is very casual. Wearing a suit can communicate that what you're talking about is important and your students will be more inclined to listen to you and take the course seriously.

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What we hope you take away from this list is that you should wear a suit whenever you are going to an occasion where you are being paid attention to. But suit's do more than bring out the best in you. They also give you a sense of confidence.

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