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If you want to invest in a bespoke shirt to wear in the office, you have to seriously consider the fabric the shirt will be made out of. The bespoke shirts you wear to the office are going to be worn almost daily and washed often. It must be made out of the best fabric for sustaining the heavy use.

There are many different fabrics and ply you can get your bespoke shirt in. For an everyday, office shirt, we believe the best would be a two-ply 100% cotton shirt.

Here are some of the benefits of cotton and two-ply bespoke shirts and why they are the best for daily office wear.

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What is Two Ply Fabric?

Ply refers to the number of yarns that twist around each other to form a single thread in a shirt fabric. So, in a two ply bespoke shirt, every thread the shirt is made from contains two yarns, while a one ply shirt has one yarn that makes up every thread.

Two ply bespoke shirts are often consider better than one ply. Two ply is the fabric most formal and professional office shirts are made out of.

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The best professional shirts are usually two ply shirts.

The weave is tighter in two ply bespoke shirts, which makes it more durable. Two ply fabric is also less susceptible to creasing after it has been ironed, which makes it great for wearing under an office jacket.

Cotton is Long Lasting

As we alluded to, cotton is the best long lasting fabric. It is incredibly durable because it in a tightly woven, natural fabric.

Cotton is Comfortable to Wear

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If you're wearing a bespoke shirt for eight or more hours a day in the office, it's best to wear a shirt that is comfortable. Cotton is the best choice of comfort fabric.

The comfort cotton provides is mostly due to its breathability. Air can easily pass through the fabric, keeping you cool while you wear your bespoke shirt.

Cotton is Washable

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Cotton is a very easy fabric to wash. It is very absorbent.

Unlike more delicate fabrics that can be damaged by heavy washing, cotton actually becomes more durable when wet. It also withstands heat the best, so a cotton bespoke shirt can easily be thrown in a washing machine when you return from the office.

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Bespoke cotton shirts are easy to wash

The fabrics you wear to the office should be comfortable and long lasting. That is why men wear bespoke shirts.

Bespoke shirts are crafted to fit you best. The most important aspect is that you feel confident wearing clothes that are meaningful to you while in the office.

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Wear clothes that are meaningful to you

That is why Nathon Kong weaves artworks by people with mental health troubles into the fabric of bespoke suits and limited edition silk fashion accessories. Each article tells the story of person's journey to mental health recovery.

Nathon Kong works closely with Les Impatients, a non profit organization that supports people with mental health troubles through therapeutic art programs. Participants of Les Impatient express their story through art, Nathon Kong prints those artworks on bespoke suit linings and scarves, and donates 10% of all proceeds to Les Impatients so that they can continue to support their participants.

Each fashion accessory comes in a unique gift box with a certificate of authenticity detailing the story of the artist and the art piece's edition number.

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10% of your purchases are donated to support mental health and local artists

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