4 Accessories You Should Wear to a Formal Party

You might have a few ideas of what you should wear to a formal party coming up. Maybe you are here to compare your notes with our suggestions. Or maybe you have no clue and are looking for inspiration.

Here you will find a few ideas for outfits you can wear to a formal party based around different fashion accessories.

Basic Silk Scarves in Pink | Fashion Designer Nathon Kong

Formal Party Outfit Ideas for Quality Silk Scarf Art Prints

Discover a collection of limited edition silk fashion accessories.

1. Silk Scarves

Even if a party is supposed to be formal, there can be a wide range of options when it comes to what you should wear. Some parties are only semi-formal, while others expect a full cocktail suit.

Silk scarves are fantastic accessories for these parties because they are versatile. They go well with suits or with a long sleeved shirt.

How to Tie a 100% Silk Scarf

You can also change how formal or informal your outfit looks by how you tie the silk scarf.

2. Neckties

Stepping it up on levels of formality, we have neckties.

Neckties are considered a little more formal, as they have to be worn with a shirt with a collar. But neckties don't have to be worn with a suit.

Bold Design Necktie in Blue | Fashion Designer Nathon Kong

 Quality silk neckties can be worn without suits

Discover how to tie a necktie.

3. Bow Ties

Bow ties are a little harder to pin down. Bow ties are mostly worn with tuxedoes, which is a very formal outfit.

Unique Bow Ties in Pink | Fashion Designer Nathon Kong

Patterned bow ties are very formal

But there are people who wear bow ties more casually. Wearing a bow tie semi-formal can be achieved easily with a self-tie bow tie.

Wedding Self-Tie Bow Tie in Green | Fashion Designer Nathon Kong

Self-tie bow ties are more casual then pre tied bow ties

Here is how you can tie a self-tie bow tie.

4. Pocket Squares

You will rarely wear a pocket square to a party. Only if the party is very formal and if you are wearing a bespoke suit.

Here is how you can fold a pocket square.

Men's Silk Pocket Square in Pink | Fashion Designer Nathon Kong

You will rarely wear a luxury silk pocket square with designs to a party

Abiding to a dress code can feel limiting. But deciding what you wear and expressing what important to you is ultimately your decision.

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Each fashion accessory comes in a unique gift box with a certificate of authenticity detailing the artwork's edition number and the story of the artist who created it.

Les Impatients Silk Artwork | Fashion Designer Nathon Kong

Artwork by Les Impatients

Discover a collection of limited edition silk fashion accessories.

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