4 Tips to Dressing Formal in the Summer

You know that when it come to formal events, suits and ties are the usual way to dress. But what do you do in the summer, when the wedding is taking place outdoors and all those layers can make you hot and sweaty?

How do You Dress for a Wedding in Hot Weather | Designer Nathon Kong

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Here are a few easy tricks to dressing formally in the summer.

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1. Wear an Outfit Without a Suit

A big help to dressing in the summer's hot weather is to keep to dressing in only one layer. However, since you want to dress formally, you have to be strategic about what clothing you wear.

How do You Dress in the Summer | Fashion Designer Nathon Kong

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A dress shirt with a collar of a solid color (we'll talk about color soon) is what you would want to wear. For most formal outdoor events taking place in the summer, it can be appropriate to wear a short-sleeved dress shirt.

What do you Wear to a Formal Summer Wedding | Designer Nathon Kong

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Women can easily wear a short skirt in the summer, but if you don't wear dresses, you should stay away from shorts. They aren't always appropriate for formal events.

What do You Wear to a Formal Outdoor Wedding | Designer Nathon Kong

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The same goes for sandals.  It is often best for men to dress in closed shoes for summer formal events while women can wear open-toed shoes or heels.

2. Choose the Best Colors & Accessories to Wear in the Summer

The colors you dress in for formal summer outings can greatly influence your comfort. Light colors like white reflect sunlight and help keep you cool, while dark and black colors absorb sunlight and can heat you up. 

If you do decide to dress in a suit, you may want to consider wearing a white or cream coloured suit in the summer. If not, a white shirt goes easily with most outfits and formal occasions. While you'll want to wear pants that are darker then your shirt, grey is much cooler than the usual black.

What is the Best Color to Wear to a Summer Wedding | Nathon Kong

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When dressing formal in the summer, the fashion accessories you wear become even more important than usual. Your accessories become how you make your outfit look nice.

Summer Mulberry Silk & Cotton Scarf in Pink | Fashion Designer Nathon Kong

Wearing accessories like silk scarves are how you dress formal in the summer.

Try to dress in a tie or scarf that is of a light color for the collar of your shirt or suit. You should also try to wear an accessory made of a light fabric such as silk.

3. Wear the Coolest Fabrics for Summer

As you decide how you are going to dress for this formal occasion, pay attention to the fabrics your clothing is made of and try to select cool fabrics. Clothes made of linen, cotton, jersey, or silk are great choices of fabrics to wear in the summer.

4. Choose Stylish Fashion Accessories

The less you dress up, the cooler you will stay in the summer. But the less you wear, the more you have to make each accessory helps achieve a formal look.

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When dressing formal in the summer, a bow tie can be a great addition to your outfit.

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