How do You Wear a Long Silk Scarf Around Your Neck?

Have you ever felt shabby or off balance wearing a silk scarf that is perhaps bit too long, or even oversized? Then you will find this post helpful. Here is a list of steps that can guide you with different long silk scarf style ideas for any occasion.

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New Stylish Ways to Wear a Long Silk Scarf for Women

Style 1: Persian Silk Neck Scarf Style (3 Steps)

Extra Long Persian Silk Scarf Knot

This silk scarf style creates a fluffy warm knot for fall and winter.

1. Fold your silk scarf in two.

2. Keep folding the silk scarf until you create a band.

3. Tie the silk scarf around your neck with a square knot.

If you'd like, you can forgo a knot and let both ends of the silk scarf hang from your neck.

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Very Long Silk Scarves for Men and Women 

Style 2: How to Wear Your Silk Scarf Extra Long (2 Steps)

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Extra Long Silk Scarf Inspired by Art

1. Fold your silk scarf diagonally to create a very long silk scarf.

2. Tie a loose knot in the front of your neck.

This style allows for a lot of creative ways you can play with this fashion. For example, you can shift the knot from the front to the side.

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Men and Women's Long Silk Fashion Scarves With a Knot to the Side

You can also tie two knots instead of one, creating a bow-like effect.

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Style 3: Wear a Large Rodeo Neck Scarf (6 Steps)Men & Women's Orange Silk Scarf in Quebec | Designer Nathon Kong

Large Rodeo Silk Scarves Style for Men and Women

1. Fold your long silk scarf into a triangle.

2. Fold your silk scarf again to shorten the triangle. 

3. Center the point of the triangle in the front of your neck

4. Bring the two ends of the silk scarf around the back.

5. Cross the ends of the silk scarf and bring them back to the front.

6. Tie in one or two knots in the front.

Style 4: Wear a Shoulder Wrap

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Extra Long Shoulder Wrap Silk Scarf with Exclusive Designs

1. Fold your silk scarf into a triangle.

2. Wrap it around your shoulder to create a shawl.

3. Secure with a knot.

Extra Long Silk Scarves Inspired by Art

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Nathon Kong creates silk fashion accessories like silk scarves, neckties, and face masks that incorporate works of wearable art.

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The artwork is created by patients from Les Impatients, a local nonprofit organization that supports artists with mental health difficulties through therapeutic art programs. Each art piece connects with us on an emotional level as it tells the story of an artist on a journey to mental health recovery.

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Geometric Silk Art Design

Nathon Kong donates 10% of all proceeds made from the sale of silk fashion accessories to Les Impatients so that they can continue to support these artists.

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Abstract Silk Art Design by Sergio Larenas

Each limited edition fashion accessory comes in a unique gift box and with a certificate of authenticity detailing the story of the artist who created the piece.

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10% of your purchases are donated to nonprofit organizations supporting mental health

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