2 Surprising Reasons Why You Can't Use a Silk Scarf as a Face Mask

You may have heard that you can use a winter scarf in place of a face mask. You may have also heard that silk is the best fabric for protective face masks. So, can you use a silk scarf as a protective face mask? Here, we will answer that question once and for all with the help of Dr. Sébastien Préville-Ratelle. 

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Why You Can't Wear a Silk Scarf as a Protective Face Mask

The truth is, your scarf is not a face mask. No scarf, silk or otherwise, can properly substitute. There are two main reasons why:

1. Silk Scarves are too Loose to be used as Face Masks.

One of the ways face masks protect you is by fitting tight around your mouth. When you wear a silk scarf over your mouth, you leave a lot of space for airborne particles to escape and come in.

Respiratory Physician Dr. Sébastien Préville-Rattle Explains How to Choose a Protective Face Mask

2. Silk Alone is Not Protective

Silk in combination with another material like cotton can be extremely effective when used as material for a protective face mask. However, silk alone doesn't have a close enough weave to work as well. Since most silk scarves are made of 100% silk, they usually aren't replacements for silk face masks.

Find Matching Silk Scarves and Protective Face Masks

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Matching Silk Scarf and Face Mask with Geometric Patterns

Even though you can't use your fashionable silk scarves in place of a face mask, there many other options if you want a beautiful silk face masks. Nathon Kong's silk face masks are made with many of the same qualities as our silk scarves.

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At Nathon Kong, we want our customers to have an emotional connection to the clothes they wear. That is why we incorporate the artworks of artists coping with mental health struggles. Each art piece communicates the story of a journey to mental wellness.

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Nathon Kong collaborates closest with Les Impatients, a nonprofit organization that supports artists with mental health difficulties through therapeutic art programs. 10% of the proceeds from the sale of silk face masks are donated to Les Impatients so that they can continue to support these artists.

Silk face masks are shipped in golden envelopes. Silk scarfs and orders of five or more silk face masks come in unique gift boxes. Every art piece comes with a certificate of authenticity detailing the art pieces edition number and the story of the artist that created each piece.

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10% of your purchases are donated to nonprofit organizations supporting mental health.

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