Artist Ricardo Cavolo and LNDMRK Collaborate with Nathon Kong

Nathon Kong has had the pleasure of collaborating with the world renown artist Ricardo Cavolo and in association with LNDMRK to release a new limited edition silk face mask!

Where to Buy Fashionable Silk Face Mask Online Canada | Nathon Kong

About Ricardo Cavolo 

Artist Ricardo Cavolo | Nathon Kong

 Photo Credit: Ricardo Cavolo

Ricardo Cavolo Artist Quote | Nathon Kong

Ricardo Cavolo is a Spanish artist based in Barcelona. His designs, artwork, and murals focusing on the artistic traditions of folk art, tattoo culture, and European religious and tribal iconography, all while utilizing his unique style.

Artworks by Spanish Artist Ricardo Cavolo | Nathon Kong

Photo Credit: Ricardo Cavolo

Depicting religious and historical figures and symbolism, Cavolo tells stories with his art about characters carving out their own destinies. He has held art exhibitions around the world, as well as painting murals during Montreal's Mural festival

In addition to his paintings, Cavolo's body of work include illustrations, publications, commissioned works and fashion collaborations with brands such as Alexander McQueen and Gucci.

Ricardo Cavolo Fashion Brand Collaborations | Nathon Kong

Ricardo Cavolo Artist Collaboration with Gucci | Nathon Kong

Ricardo Cavolo Artist Collaboration with Zara | Nathon Kong

Ricardo Cavolo Artist Collaboration with Alexder McQueen | Nathon Kong

Be sure to check out Ricardo Cavolo's website here and explore his artworks.

My art is a language for the optimists, a narrative of a better tomorrow and a tool that empowers humanity to change the world.

-Ricardo Cavolo

Ricardo Cavolo Flaming Heart with Eye | Nathon Kong

Cavolo's most iconic motif is the flaming heart. The heart symbolizes being true and sincere in everything you do. The flame is meant to be a symbol of passion, while the eye represents rationality and balance. 


Lndmrk | Nathon Kong

LNDMRK is an international creative agency dedicated to inspiring the everyday through art. LNDMRK believes original art creates lasting experiences and connections. It strengthens dialogue between a brand and its consumer communities.

INSA / LNDMRK (Final countdown to the Opening) from LNDMRK on Vimeo.

For over a decade, LNDMRK has produced campaigns with countless brands, organizations, and institutions yielding results that exceed expectations and projections alike. Their mix of creativity, passion, and vision has delivered some of the most innovative and popular programs in their category to date.

LNDMRK's Facebook Page

LNDMRK specializes in positioning clients within relevant creative collaborations. Whether through activations on a building, in a parking lot, on consumer products such as a pair of sneakers, or a private collection, LNDMRK is the partner to help you connect authentically with target demographics. 

New Limited Edition Silk Face Masks Celebrating Art

New Limited Edition Reusable Silk Face Masks Printed Artwork | Nathon Kong

We are very proud to be collaborating with Ricardo Cavolo in creating this new silk face mask art piece. As with all of Cavolo's art, this piece tells a story of purpose, optimism, and of a hopeful future.

As with all our silk fashion accessories, 10% of the profits made from the of this silk face mask are donated to support mental health. The rest of the profits are distributed among the artists associated with LNDMRK, Nathon Kong, and our Angels, the local seamstresses who sewed the face masks.

Silk face mask X Ricardo Cavolo | Fashion Designer Nathon Kong

Each silk face mask comes in a golden envelope with a certificate of authenticity detail the art piece's edition number and telling the story of the artist who created the artwork. Orders of five or more masks come with a complimentary unique gift box and tracking number. These can also bought separately. 

Where to Buy Breathable Silk Face Masks Online | Nathon Kong

10% of your purchases will be donated to support artists with mental health difficulties.

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