4 Essential Accessories for a Man's Wardrobe | Do You Have Them All?

Does your wardrobe feel like it's missing something? Do you have each of these essential fashion accessories for men?

Here are all the fashion accessories that are essential for men to have a complete wardrobe. You can use this post as a checklist to ensure that you have at least one of each of these fashion accessories.

1. Neckties

Bold Design Neckties in Pink | Fashion Designer Nathon Kong

Neckties are an essential accessory for every man's wardrobe

It goes without saying that essentially every man needs a necktie in their wardrobe. Any event that is even a little bit formal (and even some casual outings) calls for this fashion accessory.

How many neckties should you have in your wardrobe? Men tend to keep one necktie per suit they own, and it is essential for at least one of those neckties are a silk necktie for those extra formal and special occasions.

Where to Buy Silk Neckties Online | Fashion Designer Nathon Kong

2. Bow Ties

Silk Bow Ties in Yellow | Fashion Designer Nathon Kong

Formal outings call for unique silk bow ties

Whether or not you wear a bow tie as part of your personal style is up to you. Still, it is essential for every man to have at least one of these accessories in their wardrobe.

Bow ties are an essential accessory for men to wear at really formal outings. It's at these outings that men like to wear a silk bow tie.

Self Tie Bow Tie in Green | Fashion Designer Nathon Kong

You may also want to have a self-tie bow tie if you want to impress people with how you tie a bow tie.

Where to Buy Silk Bow Ties Online | Fashion Designer Nathon Kong

3. Pocket Squares

Pocket squares are an essential accessory to have in your wardrobe. Men mostly wear them with a bespoke suits (which we might say is an essential outfit every man should have in their wardrobe :)).

High End White Pocket Squares in Quebec | Fashion Designer Nathon Kong

Silk pocket squares are essential accessories for bespoke suits

It is essential to wear pocket square with bespoke suits because otherwise a pocket square can slip into a man's breast pocket if the suit doesn't fit a man's chest perfectly. This being the case, most men will get a silk pocket square for these special occasions.

Where to Buy Silk Pocket Squares Online | Fashion Designer Nathon Kong

4. Silk Scarves

It is essential for every man to have a silk scarf in their wardrobe. They're perfect accessories for almost any occasion you would go out for.

Silk scarves are versatile accessories that a man can wear with essentially anything and tied anyway they want.


100% Mulberry Silk Scarf in Gold | Fashion Designer Nathon Kong


Silk scarves are versatile fashion accessories

What is probably most essential to a man's wardrobe is that you have clothing you feel confident wearing. That you wear accessories that are meaningful to you.

That is why Nathon Kong combines limited edition artworks by people with mental health troubles with silk fashion accessories. Each accessory tell's the story of someone's journey to mental health recovery.

Pink Silk Artwork by Sergio Larenas | Fashion Designer Nathon Kong

Artwork by Sergio Larenas

The artworks are created by participants of Les Impatients, a nonprofit organization that supports people with mental health trouble through therapeutic art classes. Nathon Kong donates 10% of all proceeds to Les Impatients to give back to the community.

Each accessory comes in a unique gift box with a certificate of authenticity detailing the accessories edition number and the story of the artist that created it.

Basic Scarves in Orange | Fashion Designer Nathon Kong

Each silk accessory has a purpose

Discover the collection of limited edition silk fashion accessories.

10% of your purchases are donated to nonprofit organizations supporting mental health and local artists

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