What You Should Wear to a Lunch Meeting

First of all, congratulations :). You're having your first lunch meeting. You must be feeling some intermingling of excitement and nervousness.

What Should a Woman Wear to a Meeting | Designer Nathon Kong

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The major problem is that you don't know what to wear to the meeting. You want to look professional without overdoing it.

What Should a Woman Wear on a Lunch Date | Designer Nathon Kong

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This article will be your complete guide to what you should wear for a lunch meeting, from how to tell if the meeting is casual or formal to what accessories to wear.

1. How to Tell if a Meeting is Casual

Like people, lunch meetings come in all shapes and sizes. Just because you are meeting with coworkers doesn't necessarily mean you should be wearing a suit and tie to the gathering.

Silk Bow Tie in Green | Fashion Designer Nathon Kong

 Wearing a suit with a designer bow tie isn't always best for lunch meetings.

The host of a lunch meeting will probably drop you some hints for what you should wear. For example, the host may inform you that the meeting will be taking place at a fancy French restaurant. That is a good indication that you should dress formal.

How Should You Dress for a Meeting | Fashion Designer Nathon Kong

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Alternatively, the host might say something like, I'm coming to the lunch meeting from home or feel free to wear something comfortable. These are indicators that you should dress casual.

Can You Wear Jeans to a Lunch Meeting | Fashion Designer Nathon Kong

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These examples may seem a little obvious and idealistic. If it were this simple, then you wouldn't be here right now, would you? But thinking about the 5Ws of the lunch meeting (Who is the host, what is the meeting about, when is it, where is it taking place, why are we meeting) can provide insight into what you should wear. And there is one easy way to know definitively, absolutely, and without a doubt know what you should wear.

Ask. Ask the host what you should wear to the lunch meeting. Here's your line: What should I wear to the meeting on Thursday. If that directness makes you nervous, then you can say, I usually work in a dress shirt and slacks. Is that appropriate for the meeting on Thursday at the fancy French restaurant?

There are many benefits to asking what you should wear to a lunch meeting. First off, it shows you are comfortable with the host.

Secondly, it demonstrates you're self-assured, able to take charge of the situation. And thirdly, it shows you care about clear communication and about getting the little details like what to wear right.

2. What You Should Not Wear to a Lunch Meeting

While it can be open ended what is good to wear for a lunch meeting, there are some clothing that can be ruled out. Ripped jeans should be avoided. Consider replacing them with clean jeans, but whether or not jeans are appropriate is something you should ask the host.

How do You Dress Professionally | Fashion Designer Nathon Kong

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Avoid wearing sandals and old sneakers to a lunch meeting. Men should avoid wearing shorts and should wear a shirt with a collar, whether it's a dress shirt or a polo.

3. Dress for an Interview with a Twist

Deciding what to wear for a lunch meeting is like dressing for an interview with one major difference: you know the person/people you're meeting with. This isn't a first encounter, but they're not your best buddies, either.

What Should a Woman Wear to a Casual First Lunch Date | Nathon Kong

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A nice way of deciding what to wear for a lunch meeting is to dress the way you would for an interview, but change one aspect of it. That way you are mostly remaining professional with one little twist to keep the meeting at ease.

Bold Design Silk Scarves in Pink | Fashion Designer Nathon Kong

Dress for a lunch meeting like you are going to an interview, but change one part of your outfit so it is casual, such as wearing a silk scarf with exclusive designs.

For example, instead of wearing a neutral suit to a lunch meeting, you can wear a suit of an unusual colour or that incorporates an artwork. If you're a woman, you can wear a dress under a blazer.

4. How to Accessorize for a Lunch Meeting

What accessories you wear to a lunch meeting is probably the greatest variable to your outfit.

Unique Bow Tie in Green | Fashion Designer Nathon Kong

What accessories you wear to a lunch meeting, like a patterned bow tie, is up to you.

Extra long silk scarves can be worn for both causal and formal lunch meetings, but they certainly shine in casual settings. The reason silk scarves are so adaptable is because you can style them however you want.


Men and Women's Extra Long Silk Scarf in White & Black | Designer Nathon Kong


Very long silk scarves inspired by art can be worn for formal and casual lunch meetings

Wearing a silk necktie to a lunch meeting is a must if it's formal.

Designer Necktie in White | Fashion Designer Nathon Kong

You can wear luxury ties to formal lunch meetings 

You may even want to consider wearing a designer bow tie if the lunch meeting is very formal.

Wedding Bow Ties in Pink | Fashion Designer Nathon Kong

Sometimes you will want to wear a bow tie for extremely formal outings

If the lunch meeting calls for a suit, then a luxury silk pocket square is a must wear.

High End Silk Pocket Square in Pink | Fashion Designer Nathon Kong

If you are wearing a suit to a lunch meeting, you almost have to wear a silk pocket square.

All of these are ideal accessories to wear to a lunch meeting. You should wear and outfit that is unique and stands out. And what better way to do that is there then to wear an artwork that tells a story?

Quality Silk Neckties in Blue | Fashion Designer Nathon Kong

Wear in a silk necktie that tells a story

Nathon Kong creates silk fashion accessories incorporating the artwork of Les Impatients, a non profit organization that supports people with mental health difficulties through therapeutic art classes. Nathon Kong donates 10% of proceeds to Les Impatients so that they can continue to support these artists.

Silk Artwork by Michel Brabant | Nathon Kong

Silk Art by Michel Brabant

Each limited edition fashion accessory comes in a unique gift box with a certificate of authenticity detailing the article's edition number and the story of the artist behind the artwork.

Discover the collection of limited edition silk fashion accessories inspired by art.

10% of your purchases are donated to nonprofit organizations supporting mental health and local artists.

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