What You Should Wear to a Casual Dinner Date

You got a dinner date coming up and your nervous. You don't know what to wear. It's supposed to be casual, but it's still a date, so you still have to dress to impress. Right?

What do You Wear on a Casual Dinner Date | Designer Nathon Kong

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Consider this post as your guide to what to wear for a casual dinner date. Emphasis on casual. Your outfit should be brief and simple.

How Should Men Dress for a Casual Dinner Date

If you've told your date that the dinner would be casual, then you don't want to wear a suit. Wear a collared shirt with jeans or slacks to the date. Be sure to tuck your shirt in and to wear a dark belt with your pants.

Quality Silk Scarves for Men & Women | Fashion Designer Nathon Kong

 Wearing a silk scarf to your outfit is an easy way to look good while dressing casual on a dinner date

Since you shouldn't wear a suit to a casual dinner date, a nice way to look good for the date is to wear an accessory. A necktie, a bow tie, or a scarf worn with a shirt with a collar is an easy way to look sharp while dressing casual.

How Should Women Dress on a First Date

When trying to decide what to wear for a casual date, try to pick out a color that you often get a lot of compliments on. Wearing jeans or dress are both great choices for a casual dinner date. Just be sure that whatever you wear is comfortable so that you aren't fiddling with your outfit throughout the dinner.

Summer Silk Scarf for Men & Women | Fashion Designer Nathon Kong

Men & Women's Silk Scarf Made in Canada

The adage 'less is more' is all the more true when dressing for a casual dinner date. Wearing a pair of jeans with a blouse or a dress with a silk scarf for an added elegance can be all you need to keep your date laid back while also looking good.

Accessories to Wear for a Dinner Date

You want to keep what you wear to a casual dinner date simple, but not too laid back. An easy way to achieve this balance is to wear a fashion accessory with casual clothing.

Men & Women Fashion Scarf in Black & White | Designer Nathon Kong

Wearing a silk scarf is an easy way of adding style to casual outfits

Nathon Kong's fashion accessories are made out the finest materials you can wear. They incorporate art which tells stories of people recovering from mental health troubles that to share on your date.

Mulberry Silk Bow Tie & Pocket Square in Pink | Designer Nathon Kong

Silk Fashion Accessories with Artwork Prints

The artworks are created by participants of Les Impatients. Les Impatients is a nonprofit organization that supports artists with mental health troubles through therapeutic art classes. Nathon Kong collaborates with Les Impatients and donates 10% of all proceeds to Les Impatients so they can continues to support these artists.

Les Impatients Artwork | Fashion Designer Nathon Kong

Artwork by Les Impatients

Each limited edition accessory comes in a unique gift box with a certificate of authenticity detailing the story of the artists and the edition number of the article.

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