3 Fashion Accessories that Look Good on Zoom Calls

As we move back into a second lockdown, some of us are getting back onto Zoom calls (maybe you never left!). Here are 3 fashion accessories that will help you look your best for your next Zoom call or other video conferences.

1. Wear a Silk Scarf for Zoom Calls and Video Conferences

Green Silk Fashion Scarf with Unique Designs Made in Montreal | Nathon Kong

Michel Leblanc, Canadian Businessman, President and CEO of the Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan Montreal, and Nathon Kong Ambassador

An easy way to look good for a video conference or to add flair to any outfit is to wear a silk scarf. Whether you wear them casually or with a suit, a silk scarfs are a quick and easy way to add texture, volume, and color to your outfit. Experiment with different scarf knots and find what works best for you!

Where to Buy Designer Silk Scarves Online | Nathon Kong

2. You Should Wear a Necktie (or Bow Tie) for Zoom Interviews and Meetings...

You may have noticed that many prominent figures come to their Zoom calls wearing a necktie. If you have a Zoom interview coming up or meetings with clients or employees, you still want to make the best impression you can. Wearing a silk necktie can go a long way.

Pink Designer Ties With Unique Patterns Made in Montreal | Nathon Kong

Where to Buy Silk Ties and Neckties Online | Nathon Kong

You can even swap out the necktie for a stylish bow tie.

Pink Bow Tie with Unique Art made in Quebec | Nathon Kong
Michel de la Chenelière, Canadian Businessperson, Philanthropist, and Nathon Kong Ambassador
Where to Buy Patterned Bow Ties Online | Nathon Kong

3. ...and Combine Your Necktie with a Pocket Square

Matching Green Silk Bow Tie and Pocket Square with Unique Patterns | Nathon Kong

If your already wearing a necktie with for your Zoom call, it'll look good to add a pocket square. Pocket squares break-up the monotony of a suit and can compliment your choice of neckwear like a necktie or bow tie.

Where to Buy Silk Pocket Squares Online Made in Quebec | Nathon Kong

Wear Clothing with a Purpose

Nathon Kong makes wearable artworks that our customers can connect to emotionally. Each silk fashion accessory in the collection tells the story of an artist on a journey to mental health recovery. We work with Les Impatients, a nonprofit organization that support artists with a mental health difficulty through therapeutic art classes. 10% of your purchases of silk fashion acessories are given back to Les Impatients so that they can continue to support these artists.

Pink Designer Scarves Made in Canada | Nathon Kong
These limited edition silk fashion accessories (only 100 copies of each design) come signed by the artist in unique gift boxes containing a certificate of authenticity containing the articles edition number and the story of the artist who created the artwork.

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