10 Best Ways Women Style a Silk Scarf | Video Tutorial

You have read many step by step guides on how women wear silk scarves or how to best wear a silk scarf with a suit, but like anyone who is passionate about fashion, you are a visual person. That is why we created a video showing how to tie the ten most common scarf knots styles for women.

Where to Buy Designer Silk Scarves Made in Canada | Nathon Kong

10 Ways to Tie and Wrap Your Silk Scarf For Women

Fashionable Silk Scarves Expressing a Story

Quality Silk Scarves in Black & White | Fashion Designer Nathon Kong

Women's Extra Long Silk Scarf

At Nathon Kong, we create more than just silk scarves. Each fashion accessory we make incorporates the story of an artist recovering from a mental health difficulty.

Les Impatients Workshop | Fashion Designer Nathon Kong

Les Impatients Artist at Work

Nathon Kong collaborates closely with Les Impatients, a nonprofit organization that helps artists with mental health difficulties through therapeutic art programs. We incorporate the art works they create with silk fashion accessories and donate 10% of the proceeds to Les Impatients so that they can continue to support these artists.

Quality Silk Scarf in Maroon | Fashion Designer Nathon Kong

100% Silk Scarf in Canada

Each limited edition silk fashion accessory is shipped in a unique gift box with a certificate of authenticity detailing the accessory's edition number and the story of the artist who created it.

Where to Buy Women's Fashion Silk Scarves Online | Designer Nathon Kong

10% of your purchases are donated to nonprofit organization supporting mental health

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