4 Steps to Washing and Drying Your Mulberry Silk Scarves

Mulberry silk scarves are appreciated for their shine and their softness. If you want your mulberry silk to retain it's lustre, then you are going to want to know how to wash and dry your silk scarf.

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Is Mulberry Silk Washable?

Because mulberry silk is hydrophobic, you may be wondering if you can wash mulberry silk. The answer is you can. You don't even have to bring your mulberry silk clothing to a dry cleaners. But key to making all your clothes last longer is following the specific steps for cleaning the material you are washing.

How to Wash and Dry Your Mulberry Silk Scarf in 4 Steps

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1. Wash Mulberry Silk by Hand in Lukewarm Water

It is recommended you wash mulberry silk by hand. Washing silk scarves in a washing machine can damage the fabric. Using hot water can cause the silk scarf to lose its colour.

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You can wash your silk scarf under tap water, or fill a sink basin or other bowl with lukewarm water and soak the scarf.

2. Rub Soap Over the Silk Scarf

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Once you have soaked your silk scarf, gently rub in the gentle detergent of your choice into the scarf.

3. How to Remove Excess Water from Silk Scarves

Before you hang your silk scarf to dry, you should remove the excess water. Lay out scarf out flat between two absorbent towel and gently pat or roll the water out of the scarf. Try to avoid wringing or wrinkling the silk scarf.

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4. Hang Silk Scarves to Air Dry

You should hang your silk scarf to dry. A clothes dryer can damage the fabric. We would also recommend not drying your silk scarf in the sunlight as sunlight can harm the scarf colours.

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10% of your purchases are donated to Les Impatients, a nonprofit organization that supports artists with mental health troubles through therapeutic art classes. 

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Silk scarves are shipped in unique gift boxes with a certificate of authenticity. The certificate details the art piece's edition number and the story of the artist. 

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