2 Ways You can Wear a Silk Scarf in the Fall

The time has come to put away all but one of our favorite fashion accessories. Our hearts are sinking a little here in Montreal. Summer has ended and winter is coming on, but at least we can still wear silk scarves during the fall. They may not provide as much warmth as winter scarves, but here are a few ways you can wear silk scarves in autumn.

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1. Wear a Silk Scarf with a Fall Jacket

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A fall jacket with a high collar will be good enough to keep back the fall cold. Fall jackets also tend to be only one colour and can benefit with a silk scarf to spruce it up.

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How to Wear a Silk Scarf Under or Over your Jacket

In the fall, you can wear a silk scarf under or over your jacket. It depends on what you find looks best.

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You want to keep it simple when you wear a silk scarf under your fall jacket. Try draping it around your neck, leaving enough silk to come up over the collar to add colour and texture to your jacket. When wearing a silk scarf over your jacket, you can try any way of wearing a silk scarf you can think of. Check out our article on how to tie silk scarf knots for inspiration.

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2. Tie Silk Scarves Around your Neck

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In the fall, you might want to try a silk scarf knot that ties around your neck rather than draping it loosely around your shoulders. You can try something like the Hoxton knot. This will give your neck a little bit of extra protection from the autumn air. 

Silk Scarves that Support Nonprofit Organizations

Nathon Kong creates works of art that you can wear. Each fashion accessory is made with 100% mulberry silk, the finest fabric in the world, and incorporates artworks by artists with mental health disabilities, expressing their story through art.

Les Impatients Artworks Supporting Mental Health | Nathon Kong

10% of the profits made from the sale of silk scarves and other fashion accessories are donated to Les Impatients. Les Impatients is a nonprofit organization that supports artists with a mental health trouble with therapeutic art classes.

White Silk Scarves For Women with Unique Artwork | Nathon Kong

Each silk fashion accessory is made in limited edition and comes in a unique gift box with a certificate of authenticity detailing the item's edition number and the stories of the artists who created the artwork.

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