Interview with Rose Lyndsay Daudier | Nathon Kong Ambassador

It is a great honour for Nathon Kong to introduce Rose Lyndsay Daudier as an ambassador of the brand. 

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Lyndsay Daudier is an executive director of Youth Fusion, an organization that connects students with mentors in their field of study, and FIRST Robotics Quebec, an organization that gives youth the opportunity to learn about robotics, build robots, and compete with them in competitions. We had the pleasure of getting to interview Lyndsay Daudier, which you can read below.

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Meet Rose Lyndsay Daudier

Q: Can you introduce yourself? Why did you join Youth Fusion? Did you believe in youth even before you had a child?

A: I am Rose Lyndsay Daudier. My interests always have been around youth, society, education, innovation, and cities. When I joined Youth Fusion, I had no idea I would be a mother one day. I had accepted to join because this organisation makes a big difference in the life of so many young people in Quebec, Ontario, New Brunswick and now in France.


Youth Fusion Quebec | Nathon Kong


The idea of creating an opportunity for young people in university to find their first job in the domain they are majoring in and teaching the youth in elementary and high schools throughout projects that motivate them to stay at school is brilliant. Youth Fusion’s founder, Gabriel Bran Lopez - who is also a fan of Nathon Kong’s work and owns a Nathon Kong jacket, had a vision for the future of education that I had always admired. To learn through projects. To be driven by them in order to counter school drop out. I joined because I believe in its mission and I wanted to help its development. I dream that one day, all young people who do not fit into the school system will have access to Youth Fusion programs and be able to follow their passion while making a living out of it. 

Q: How do you believe the next generation could change the landscape of Montreal technologies in the post COVID era?

A: To me, there is no such thing as “the next generation”. The youth is part of today’s society and we should pay attention to what they have to say all the time. Their needs are not the same as ours. Their visions for us, for the community are not the same as ours. I can’t even give a direct answer to what they could change, they are the only ones who can answer that question!

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Q: You have a great passion for art and you share this love with your spouse Louis Félix Binette, Executive Director at MAIN. Can you introduce his work? How do you both integrate art in your professional and personal life?

A: Louis-Félix works to improve the cohesion and efficiency of the business incubator and accelerator ecosystem and to increase its impact in the development of entrepreneurship and innovation in Québec.

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At Youth Fusion, we have a lot of programs directly in art: cinema, theatre, opera for example. We even have fashion (where we had the opportunity of having Nathon as a jury member).

Rose Lyndsay Daudier and Louis Félix Binette | Reusable Silk Face Masks | Nathon Kong

Louis-Félix and I are also on the board of other organisations linked to art. Art is a big part of our personal life. We will always encourage artists, local artists if possible, by buying a piece of art, music, going to plays, shows and promoting talent by encouraging our network to also do so. 

Q: Nathon Kong combined public health and art with a silk face mask to help stop the spread of the virus and showcase the talent of local artists. We are very grateful that you share this initiative. Can you elaborate why is it important for our community? 

A: What we are going through today is totally new and bigger than everything. Wearing a mask when social distancing is not possible is the only way to prevent the spreading of the virus. We all have to be conscious and do whatever needs to be done to keep the population healthy. The magic behind Nathon Kong’s work with the masks is that he had reinvented himself and combined his passion and his training to solve a public health issue.  Also, to me, art and culture are the center of the identity of communities. Nathon Kong has that preoccupation of involving local artists in the process. I like everything about this project. I like to know that I am encouraging local entrepreneurs and artists. I am proud to walk around and display local talent! 

Rose Lyndsay Daudier wear Nathon Kong silk face mask

Q: What do you think of the culture scene in Montreal after this pandemic and how can youth play a key role in the promotion of such a cause? 

A: The Montreal culture scene always knows how to adjust. With new technologies,  creativity, and ideas, as the one Nathon has had for the masks to show art, I have no doubt the culture scene will grow stronger. The stakeholders will have to listen to and invest in the suggested strategies presented by the youth as it is together that we will be able to go on. Collaboration is the key. 

Q: Nathon Kong and you met at C2 Montreal in 2015 when the Nathon Kong brand just started, and he always admired your positive outlook and your openness to help others. You own a Nathon Kong jacket that we especially designed for you with a unique lining of artwork, and you are an ambassador of our mask with this artwork. What is it about Nathon Kong’s brand values that you can relate to? 

A: I have myself always been attracted to his work. 

To me philanthropy, art, creativity are very important and Nathon’s work is all about that. I will always support his work because of it. The concept is also unique. He is one of a kind and we are lucky to have him in the Montreal Fashion ecosystem. That is why he was also part of Youth Fusion Jury’s to our Fashion Design program. He can help young people who dream to make a living out of their passion and he is such an inspiration for them.

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